Cryptocurrency: Ethereum Creates Youngest Crypto Billionaire

Cryptocurrency: Ethereum Creates Youngest Crypto Billionaire

Since going live in 2015, after being developed through crowdfunding, Ethereum has grown more popular among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, surging past $3,200 on Monday and expanding the bottom line of the Co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, ushering him into the billionaire league.

The 27-year-old Co-founder shared his Ether address in 2018 that showed that he had 333,520ETH with its value standing at $1.09 billion if the current price of $3,278 is applied.

Ethereum has grown to become the second largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalisation of $376 billion.

The Moscow-born programmer moved to Toronto, Canada, where he was raised, won an award after co-founding and writing for Bitcoin Magazine.

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He received $100,000 from the Thiel Fellowship to help him discover possibilities that weren’t contained within the four walls of the university, leading the creator to drop out in 2014.

In 2014, Ethereum was shared with the public.

With the value of Ethereum steadily surging alongside Bitcoin, Buterin has become the world’s youngest crypto billionaire.

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