Audit Report on Azman Air Raises Safety Concern

Audit Report on Azman Air Raises Safety Concern

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA)’s audit report on the activities of Azman Air has identified several safety concern, which the airline would have to address before resuming operations.

It was gathered that the airline had started moves to close the identified gaps with the reshuffling of the maintenance department.

NCAA had on March 15, 2021 suspended the operations of Azman Air over safety concerns.

A copy of the audit report stated that the airline flouted several safety provisions of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations (Nig.CARs) prior to its suspension.

The regulatory agency queried the safety and quality management systems of the airline.

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The report revealed that in the case of management personnel required for Commercial Air Transport Operations, Azman Air was found not to be in compliance with the provisions of Nig.CARs (a) and (e) (2) with regards to the provision of resources and discharge of the duties of the accountable manager.

According to the report, the Safety Management Department and staffing of the Quality Management Department with only one officer made it impossible to effectively implement Safety and Quality Management Systems functions as required by Nig.CARs and, respectively.

The Accountable Manager, according to the report, exhibited a lack of understanding of his duties and responsibilities as contained in the Operation’s Manuals.

Findings showed that there is a lack of evidence of the accountable manager’s involvement in management reviews of quality audit findings.

Azman was found also not to be in compliance with the provisions of Nig.CARs (e) (2) with regards to discharge of the duties of the Director of Flight Operations which makes it unable to maintain safe commercial flight operations:

“This is evidenced by the fact that FDR analysis on the B737 (e.g 5N-SYS) revealed a number of exceedances and the DFO could not show any evidence of actions taken to check the trend,” the report stated.

The audit covered Management, Flight Operations, Maintenance and Economic audit premised on the Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations Nig.CARs Part 9, NCARs Parts 1, 2, 5, 6, 8,9 & 20 and Nigeria Civil Aviation Act 2006 NCARs Part 18.

The 19-page audit report was signed by the Director-General of the NCAA, Captain Nuhu Musa and dated April 2nd, 2021.

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