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AFRIPRUD Emerges Top Gainer as Flourmill Suffers a Loss of -2.82%

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At the end of trading at the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) on Thursday, AFRIPRUD emerged as the leader of the top gainers’ list with a profit of 9.35%.

At the opening of the market, AFRIPRUD was at ₦5.67 and ₦6.2 gaining 0.53 kobo at the close of the stock market.

Market gained an all-share-index of 30,738.92 on Thursday at the end of the market which is lower than the index recorded on Wednesday at 30,741.88.

Market deals recorded on Thursday were at 4,319 which is a bonus for the market as it is higher than the deals recorded on Wednesday at 2,889. The volume derived from Thursday’s market is 430,121,026 which is higher than the volume 286,446,480 gotten on Wednesday.

Equity capital stood at over ₦16 trillion similar to capital the market recorded on Wednesday.

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UNILEVER is the second gainer on the list raking in a change in the price of 0.4. UNILEVER started trading with ₦13.7, gaining a profit of 2.92% and closed with ₦14.1 per unit.

Guaranty retained its position on the gainers’ list with a profit of 0.62%, starting the market with ₦32.1, ending with ₦32.3. Guaranty’s profit on Thursday is higher than Wednesday’s profit which stands at 0.31% and lost on Tuesday with -1.54%.

FBNH is next on the gainers’ list with a profit of 2.38% raking in 0.2 change in price. At the beginning of the market units sold for ₦6.3 per unit and ended with ₦6.45.

UBA steals a spot on the gainers’ list with a profit of 1.32%, raking in a change in the price of 0.1, opening the ₦7.6, and ending with ₦7.7.


Flourmill sealed its position with a loss of -2..82% at the end of Thursday’s market, losing 0.8 kobo. Flourmill started trading at ₦28.4 losing 0.4, closing the market at ₦27.6.

INTBREW lost 5.80% in Thursday’s market, landing on the top losers’ list. At the start of the market, INTBREW traded for ₦6.9 per unit, ending the trade with ₦6.5 losing a total 0.4kobo.

FIDSON at the beginning of the market started with ₦4.4, raking in a loss of -6.82% after ending the market at ₦4.1.

UBN on Wednesday and Thursday did not do well in the stock market due to the loss it witnessed. UBN opened with ₦5.5, ending with ₦5.3 and losing a total percentage of -3.64%.

GLAXOSMITH suffered a loss on Wednesday and Thursday with a respective loss of -1.67% and -1.69%. It traded at ₦5.9 at the beginning of Thursday’s market, ending with ₦5.8 losing 0.1 kobo.

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