Top 7 Countries To Easily Migrate To

Immigration Service Reopens Passport Application Portal
Immigration Service Reopens Passport Application Portal

Most Nigerians are aspiring migrants who have genuine reasons for wishing to travel, some are for business reasons, academic reasons, some are searching for better jobs, while some seek to live better lives from the struggles and stresses of home.  So if you are looking to relocate from this country, some of these countries should be added to this list.

The choices of most of these countries come from a few key factors like standard of living, the economy, receptiveness to migrants. Here’s a list of the best countries that are the best to migrate to.


Canada has been regarded by all as a safe haven for migrants from across the globe. With a population of over 37 million the standard of living is high and also assures good earning to afford the basic necessities of life. In Canada, Permanent residency can be acquired also as education.

Canada is seen as a gold mine for skilled labour. Under its immigration plan for 2019-2021, Canada plans to increase its target for admission of immigrants to reach one million migrants by 2022. The steps to take when Immigrant to Canada depends on the variety of criteria, as it has many immigration programs like the federal skilled trades program (entry program) and PNP  Entrepreneur program. (Provincial Nominee Program).


Australia is one of the best countries in the world for immigrants. It boasts of life quality, economic and financial stability, a safe environment, firm citizenship rights, a huge English speaking population. Australia is seeking skilled labour from all countries of the world. Taking away the issue of distance, the countries offer the best quantities regardless of their racial or religious background. Despite being a relatively expensive place to live, the average salary makes up for this. All this combined makes Australia the best and easiest and best country to immigrate to.


Switzerland houses about 8.5 million people and speaks about 4 official languages which you are expected to be fluent in at least 1 language. Although it takes up to 10 years to earn permanent citizenship in the country, Switzerland has a skilled labour force and low unemployment and has one of the strongest economies all over the world. The country has the best social security and also the lowest crime rate in the world, the growth of the countries economy offers a huge opportunity for a person considering a career in this country.


Sweden is a country that has risen up to become one of the most receptive countries for immigrants. The Swedish government opened its borders to refugees from other countries which gave a huge rise to the population of migrants living in the country.

As one of the best countries in the world, Sweden has low tax rates, advanced transportation, infrastructure, free health care, education, low racial discrimination and most of all low unemployment rates. The country boasts of a highly developed economy.

United Kingdom

The United kingdom currently sitting at the 8th best country in the world is on this list. The United Kingdom after its BREXIT has started to look for skilled labour, this has given an opportunity for immigrants to come and work. It has a high rate in personal security, jobs and earnings.

Although the country has a high taxation rate, once you become a legal resident you can easily have access to national health care for you and your family with free health care and also gives the best higher education services in the world. Health workers from other countries can easily migrate to the United Kingdom using a work permit. The steps to take about immigrating depends on the variety of criteria, as it contains many immigration programs Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa and Tier 2 Entrepreneur visa.

The United Arab Emirates

This may come as a surprise to everyone, but yes, The UAE is a very good country to migrate to. Many may believe that this country favours Muslim immigrants, but it also homes millions of Christian migrants.

The country is a tax-free nation and also keeps a very low crime profile, low corruption rate, a very stable economy and also a very high standard of living. The United Arab Emirates have opened their borders to immigrants from all over the world for the purpose of tourism and residency.


Germany is a dream country to settle in as an immigrant, with a population of almost 84 million, its country development is at a skyrocket. it has a very great economy that raises the standard of living which makes life enjoyable for its citizens.

Although it is a very hard process to get a visa to go to Europe especially Germany, it is a very good place for someone who wants to live a great life. The country is hiring professionals in the field of sciences and also skilled labourers and technological guru’s. You may need to learn the language if you want to fit in, but in all ways is a great country for immigrants.

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