Stock Market Remains In Bearish State Despite High Trade Volume

More Gains On Stock Market, As ASI Grows By 0.43%

The Nigerian stock market remained in a state of loss despite the high number of deals traded on the floor of the stock exchange.

The equity capitalisation stood at N20.28 trillion, a decline from Tuesday’s N20.37 trillion.

The All-Share Index (ASI) fell to 38,774.03, a decline from Tuesday’s 38,766.61.

The volume of shares appreciated from 224.59 million to 356.46 million recorded on Wednesday.

Deals traded on the stock exchange floor stood at 6,130 against 4,675.

Share values rose to N4.19 billion against N2.14 billion.

Top Gainers

JAIZBANK: Opened at N0.6 kobo to close at N0.66 kobo, up 10 percent.

INITSPLC: Opened at N0.42 kobo to close at N0.46 kobo, up 9.52 percent.

ROYALEX: Opened at N0.36 kobo to close at N0.39 kobo, up 8.33 percent.

JAPAULGOLD: Opened at N0.49 kobo to close at N0.53 kobo, up 8.16 percent.

CHIPLC: Opened at N0.29 kobo to close at N0.31 kobo, up 6.90 percent.

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Top Losers

STERLINBANK: Opened at N1.69 kobo to close at N1.53 kobo, down 9.47 percent

PHARMDEKO: Opened at N1.48 kobo to close at N1.34 kobo, down 9.46 percent.

PRESTIGE: Opened at N0.46 kobo to close at N0.42 kobo, down 8.70 percent.

ARDOVA: Opened at N15.2 kobo to close at N14.15 kobo, down 6.91 percent.

LIVESTOCK: Opened at N1.87 kobo to close at N1.76 kobo, down 5.88 percent.

Leading the activity chart was ZENITHBANK with 55.03 million shares with a value of N1.15 billion traded by investors.

Following was ACCESS with a share volume of 38.38 million with a value of N308.55 million.

TRANSCORP follows with 31.86 million shares valued at N24.89 million.

Others are GUARANTY with shares of 29.20 million worth N819.07 million and MBENEFIT with shares of 25.44 million worth N10.02 million.

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