Samsung Launches New Galaxy A24 LTE In Nigeria

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The newest model of the well-liked Galaxy ‘A’ series smartphone has been unveiled by Samsung Electronics in Nigeria, allowing customers more ways to stay connected and have an exceptional mobile experience.

With a host of incredible features, a brand-new look, and a camera that captures clean, steady images, the Samsung Galaxy A24 LTE is on a quest to redefine wonderful. It has a sizable storage capacity that enables you to securely save your essential files, music, apps, downloads, and collection of all the memorable moments in your life that have been preserved in photos and videos.

The Galaxy A24 LTE, which replaces the Galaxy A23 LTE, sports the most recent version of Samsung’s One UI software, version 5.1, to provide you an even better mobile experience.

The phone’s huge built-in memory of 4 or 6GB of memory and 128GB storage, which is extensible by up to 1TB with MicroSD1, enables users to save all programs and files, keeping them safe and secure.

With Galaxy’s distinctive design aesthetic, which was influenced by Samsung’s flagship series, the Galaxy A24 LTE looks the part as well.

The upgraded design of the phone features a glossy finish and prism-patterned back cover, as well as a polished and enhanced camera deck. The phone has a sophisticated appearance thanks to the optimum ratio between the corner and camera modules, and the absence of a camera housing is right out of the peak Galaxy S series design playbook.

The super AMOLED 6.5-inch full high-definition screen on the Galaxy A24 LTE provides a dazzling, vibrant display. Scrolling through your phone, binge-watching your favorite shows, or playing games would be a pleasant experience that would be easy on your eyes thanks to its eye care display3 and low blue light output that is always clear even in strong sunlight.

Because of the large 5,000mAh battery, which can operate the Galaxy A24 LTE for more than two days on a single charge, consumers will be able to use them for a significantly longer period of time.

At a suggested retail price of N166,900 for six gigabytes plus 128 gigabytes and N156,900 for four gigabytes plus 128 gigabytes, the Galaxy A24 LTE is now offered in retail stores.

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