Piaggio Group Partners Bhojsons Group For Distribution Of Passenger, Cargo 3 Wheelers

Piaggio Group Partners Bhojsons Group For The Distribution Of Passenger, Cargo 3 Wheelers

Piaggio Vehicles a subsidiary of the Italian Piaggio Group and India’s leading manufacturer of small commercial vehicles have announced its distribution partnership with Bhojsons Group of Nigeria.

Through this partnership, Piaggio, the pioneer of 3 wheelers, aims to introduce a diverse product portfolio that includes passenger and cargo 3 wheelers under its flagship brand Ape’.

Piaggio aims to increase its penetration along with Bhojsons Group in various parts of Nigeria to come close to its customer with its last-mile transportation offerings.

The opening of multiple Dealerships and their training under Bhojsons across Nigeria is also in process. This will also help Piaggio customers in the region to have access to the entire Service & Warranty package offered by Piaggio.

This association with Bhojsons Group for Nigerian Market marks Piaggio’s footprint expansion in more than 60 countries globally.

Piaggio’s range of products offers best in class performance in terms of power, pick-up, mileage & maintenance. With this association with Bhojsons Group, Piaggio wants to strengthen its relationship with customers and reinforce its commitment to providing path-breaking solutions in the last mile transportation segments with cleaner and efficient fuel options.

While announcing the launch of this association, Mr Saju Nair, EVP of Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. said, “We endeavour to continue providing best in class offerings to our customers which are not only best in technology but also are most suited for higher earnings.

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We want to reach out to as many customers as possible and create a good foothold in all the cities across Nigeria. It is imperative to strengthen our presence in Nigeria as it is one of the largest markets in Africa with a larger focus on commercial vehicles.

Piaggio has one of the largest ranges of 3-wheeled vehicles for both passenger & Cargo applications. Our last mile transport solution vehicles generate self-employment & create entrepreneurs which is one of the aspects of primary importance to national development.”

Further, he added that in Bhojsons Group we see a very valued partner who has a strong legacy in Nigeria having business roots as old as 150years+ and is diversified into many businesses including automotive.

Bhojsons is coming to Piaggio as a natural partner who is one of the largest importers, assemblers and distributors of motorcycles, passenger tricycles and cargo tricycles in Nigeria.

They have achieved great successes through their on-the-ground knowledge of the Nigerian market and consumer trends coupled with their unparalleled marketing and brand development activities in their current line of businesses. Piaggio would work on the ground along with Bhojsons team to further strengthen the brand in the market.”

Commenting on this association, Mr Vishant Dalamal – Group Managing Director, Bhojsons Group said “am extremely delighted on this partnership with Piaggio as they represent a world-class quality product for the Nigerian market and Bhojsons is known to introduce quality brands from across the globe for Nigerian market for over 150 years of their presence in the country.

Bhojsons automotive business is vertically integrated along the value-chain being an importer, assembler, brand developer, distributor and service provider. The vehicles are assembled at our state-of-the-art facility in Lagos. Further, this association would help small, medium businesses for a sustained logistics solution at a competitive operating cost unlike their current investments in large vehicles with big operating and maintenance cost.

Piaggio has leadership in the cargo segment and is the preferred choice of corporates engaged in product distribution to consumers across the world for smaller payloads for last-mile market connectivity.

With already a large 2W network on the ground, Piaggio business line becomes a natural extension to service this distribution network for us.”

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