Nigerian Pride Takes to the Streets in New York City!

new york

With over 3,000 in attendance, the streets of Manhattan were painted green and white as Nigerians from all walks of life, young and old, took to the streets of New York to celebrate their Independence Day Parade.

new york

This year’s celebrations, which stood out for many reasons, took place on 2nd Avenue with people marching and dancing through the 54th to 44th streets.

Those who attended the event got a taste of live performances by big names in the music industry and, at the same time, were also treated to various delicacies that resonate with the Nigerian cultures. Several DJs also did their thing and hyped the festivities.

new york

This year’s celebration was taken to a whole new level thanks to the fact that a number of institutions came out strongly in its support most notably the partnership between Arik Airlines and Transfast took people by surprise. The two companies partnered to give one lucky customer and their companion a free round trip back to Nigeria. Also in attendance were Western Union and MoneyGram.

The organizers couldn’t hold back their joy. “Transfast continuous support has helped the community tremendously to raise the bar and took the parade to the next level.” said Francis James, board member of the Organization of Advancement of Nigerians, and NIDC; Organizers of the Nigerian Independence Day Parade.

new york

Arik Airlines is one of the biggest West African airlines while Transfast is a household name in the world of mobile money transfer and remittance.

Those who attended the parade praised it as an event that helps Nigerians to connect with one another and as a great platform to have a feel of and embrace various Nigerian cultures.

The event which marked the 56th anniversary since Nigeria got its independence from the British colonial rule was organized by a group of Nigerian civic groups.

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