Nigeria Agrofood Expo 2016 Welcomes the World


Nigeria Agrofood Expo 2016, an international Food, Agriculture and Technologies Exhibition will host exclusive exhibitors, foreign visitors, officials from administrative authorities; sector professionals and elite businessmen from November 9th to 12th at the Landmark Centre in Lagos.


This section of the event will cover all segments of the food and agriculture technologies market, showcasing a wide choice of Food Processing, Packaging Machineries; Beverage and Beverage Technology; Frozen, Bottled, Canned, Chilled, Live, Diet Foods; Milk and Milk Products; Meat and Meat Products; Agricultural Products, Machineries, Equipments and Accessories; Seeds, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Plant Protection Drugs; Water Treatment and Water Management Systems; Packaging systems & Products with reasonable prices


Meanwhile, NIGERIA AGROFOOD EXPO will help participants to analyse latest trends in food and agriculture technologies sector and you can compare hundreds of products. Visitors will have a chance to have B2B meetings with sector leaders. There also will be special campaigns, surprise gifts, and discounts.


Undoubtedly, the event will be a meeting point for experts from various regions of Nigeria and other countries of the region. It will be  a great place to pick up latest trends and technologies in food and agriculture technologies, stimulate new ideas and  foster business partnerships.


To be a part of this lucrative event with numerous local and international industry leading companies, please visit Nigeria Agrofood Expo between 10.00 and 18.00 on 09-11 November in Landmark Centre.


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