NiFund to Raise $2billion for Infrastructure Development in Nigeria

An investment management company, Nigerian Infrastructure Fund, NiFund, on Tuesday, June 14, launched the Nigerian Infrastructure Fund with a target of raising $2 billion.
The firm is also aiming at  investment opportunities in high growth sectors in Nigeria with the launch of new funds.
Making the announcement on the occasion of the Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce, NBCC, Mission to the United Kingdom, NiFund said it would have a seven-year investment horizon with up to two additional years for asset divestment.

“NiFund will solicit commitments from both qualified private investors and development finance institutions. NiFund will employ a core satellite approach in order to ensure that capital is optimised over the investment period,” NiFund said in a statement.

Commenting on the launch of NiFund at the NBCC Mission to the United Kingdom, the Managing Director of Pecora Capital, Aaron Smith, said: “Investment in the infrastructure sector is vital for the socioeconomic development of Nigeria and we will aim to attract foreign investors to fund critical national infrastructure projects with an overarching aim to deliver a strong return on investments.”

“Through infrastructure development in Nigeria, NiFund will act as a catalyst for future growth and prosperity in the country.”





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