Low-Quality Fertiliser Infiltrates Market, Group Seeks FG’s Support

Low-Quality Fertiliser Infiltrates Market, Group Seeks FG's Support

To sanitise the market of low-quality fertiliser for farmers, the Fertilizer Producers and Suppliers Association of Nigeria (FEPSAN), has called on the Federal Government to collaborate on the creation of punitive measures to contain the spread of adulterated fertilisers.

This call was made by FEPSAN’s Executive Secretary, Gideon Negedu, in a statement sent to journalists.

He said, “FEPSAN is proud to work with the government in coming out with what we call Fertilizer Quality Control Act which will help to sanitize the industry and ensure that farmers have access to quality fertilizer.

“That law will help to make sure that there is a teeth to bite for fakers and people who adulterate fertilizer so that when they are caught, they will face the law.

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“Because if we produce anything and the farmers are not there to pick it means nothing.”

“AGRA is currently supporting the Fertilizer consortium which includes the Institute of Agricultural Research (IAR, Zaria), Fertilizer Producers and Suppliers Association of Nigeria (FEPSAN), and the National Program for Food Security (NPFS) towards the development of crop and site-specific blends of fertilizer. The consortium intends to recommend 2 best blends for rice, maize, and soybean in Kaduna and Niger State.

“The final phase of the fertilizer blend trials will be conducted in 2021 season to validate the already identified blends of fertilizer for rice, maize and soybeans in Kaduna and Niger State.”

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