Lions Clubs Urges FG To Restructure The Economy

Nigerian Economy To Be Reviewed By Economic Experts

The International Association of Lions Clubs has tasked the Federal Government to restructure the economy to address the nation’s issues with hunger and health.

Lion Kema Ashibuogwu of Nigeria’s District 404B-1 in Lagos presented this information in public.

According to Ashibuogwu, the governor of Lions Clubs District 404B1, there is an urgent need for the government and other stakeholders to address the issues in the nation, particularly in the areas of health and hunger, where individuals are experiencing distressing situations.

She said, “I want to urge the government to focus on the aspects of hunger and health. The people are hungry and don’t have proper healthcare services when they go to the hospitals. The state of the economy is collapsing, but if they can focus on these areas, it will improve the standard of living of Nigerians.

“In Africa, we don’t pay enough attention to our environment. As citizens, we have a major role to play. One of the things that the Lion Club will be focusing on is ensuring a safe environment. In the Western world, trees are mostly planted to absorb harmful gases that can affect human beings. We want to assist in that regard and encourage many people to cultivate that habit of tree planting.

She said that the Lions Club’s initiatives for the year she would be president include raising awareness for juvenile diabetes and childhood cancer, feeding the hungry, empowering youth, and helping widows. She also mentioned that the club had established diabetes screening facilities in some states and planned constructing a caretaker home in Lagos.

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