inDrive Invests Over ₦282m To Enhance Comfort In Africa’s Ride-Hailing Service With Premium Seat Covers

inDrive Invests Over ₦282m to Enhance Comfort In Africa's Ride-Hailing Service With Premium Seat Covers

In a groundbreaking move to enhance the driving conditions for the ride-hailing community, inDrive, a global leader in mobility and urban services headquartered in California, USA, has generously distributed high-quality car seat covers across Africa.

This initiative, representing an investment surpassing 282 Million Nigerian Naira, highlights the company’s steadfast dedication to the drivers and passengers.

Nigeria being a crucial market for inDrive, has seen extensive distributions in Lagos. The local driver community has greeted this initiative with much enthusiasm, acknowledging the step as a significant booster to the comfort and aesthetics of their vehicles, which plays a pivotal role in enhancing passenger experiences

“Our aim is not only to deliver a mobility platform but also to guarantee that every ride undertaken ensures comfort and safety for both drivers and passengers,” remarked Timothy Oladimeji, Business Development, inDrive, Nigeria. “Africa, with Nigeria especially, remains integral to our growth story. Our ongoing investments here are testament to how much we value and support our partners.”

As ride-hailing continues to gain prominence in the gig economy, especially within African urban hubs like Lagos, initiatives like this from inDrive have a cascading effect. They not only boost passenger trust but also uplift the brand’s overall perception and offer tangible aid to drivers, a significant portion of whom use their personal vehicles for their profession.

This venture is merely one among the numerous strides inDrive is making to deepen its roots in Africa, fostering a win-win relationship with its driver-partners. The company is enthusiastic about expanding its presence across the continent, ensuring urban mobility remains fluid for everyone.

InDrive’s commitment to its drivers is unparalleled, boasting the lowest commissions in the sector. Such endeavors, coupled with the Safety Pact, put a spotlight on the firm’s unwavering commitment to both its drivers and passengers, ensuring they always feel treasured and safeguarded.


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