Heat Wave In Northern Nigeria May Cause Diseases – NiMET

NiMet, Earth Networks Sign Pact On Early Warning Of Severe Weather

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMET) says then current heat wave in the North-Central and Northern regions may cause heat stress and heat-related diseases such as measles, heat rashes and heat stroke.

The agency in a statement on Thursday warned residents in the affected region that high temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius and above from April to May, might lead to severe discomfort.

The Director-General of the agency, Mansur Matazu, in the statement noted that the country was beginning to record high temperatures in recent days.

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He therefore advised individuals to reside in well ventilated environment, limit exposure to high temperature by avoiding, as much as possible, outdoor activities, wear light clothing and take enough fluid to avoid dehydration.

Matazu said, “The period is largely expected to be the warmest in the year because of the diurnal and periodic surge in the incursion of the south-westerly trade winds.

“This will invariably accentuate the potential latent heat capacity of water vapour, an important contributor to the urban heat quotient.”

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