Global Day Of Parents 2022: Everything You Need To Know About This Event

Buhari's Daughter Reunites With Family
Buhari's Daughter Reunites With Family After Sef-Isolating For 14 Days

The Global Day of Parents is commemorated on June 1 every year to honor parents. It’s an occasion to thank parents across the world for their selfless dedication toward their children and their numerous sacrifices to nurture the bond with their kids.

This is an excellent opportunity for children to boost their bonds with their parents and show that they are there to take care of them. Global Parents Day also aims at raising awareness about the importance of quality parenting and family life in every child’s upbringing.


Global Day of Parents is commemorated on June 1 every year And will be On Wednesday, June 1st 2022.


‘Appreciate all parents throughout the world’ is the theme for Global Day of Parents, 2022.

Significance of Global Day Of Parents 2022

As anchors of a family, one of the building blocks of our society, parents carry the huge responsibility of ensuring the overall wellbeing of all the members and also shielding them from any kind of harm. They do not just ensure the best possible economic and social security for their children as they grow but also contribute significantly to making them good human beings. They ensure that the children’s health, education and emotional wellbeing are taken care of.

Here’s how you can celebrate Global Day Of Parents 2022

Parents deserve all the praise and recognition for the years of hard work they put in to raise their children. Letting your parents or guardians know how grateful you are for their love and commitment might be a simple way to commemorate the Global Day of Parents.

Buy that special gift for your loved ones, treat them to lunch or dinner, or plan a picnic for them to celebrate today or during your leisure time

The objective is to show gratitude to your parents or guardians. You can even host a family get-together where you invite the parents of your friends and have a good time.

As Children, you can also give your parents the day off after their long hours at work during the day, take care of your parents by doing the littlest things, like cooking or cleaning or even looking after yourself, so as to relieve them of stress.

You can also take to Social media and Use the hashtag #GlobalDayofParents on to acknowledge or thank your parents for their contributions to your life by posting a picture or two about your favorite moments with them.

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