FBNQuest Affirms Its Commitment To Stakeholders With ‘Powered By People’ Campaign

FBNQuest Drives Financial Literacy

In furtherance of its commitment to supporting its clients and stakeholders with wealth management solutions that move them towards their goals, FBNQuest, the investment banking and asset management business of FBN Holdings Plc recently launched a campaign themed ‘Powered by People’.

The campaign successfully establishes the organisation’s understanding of the challenges and motivations that drive clients to the business while also reaffirming its commitment to deliver excellent service at all times.

Mirroring scenarios and circumstances that are relatable to the upward-mobile Nigerian, the campaign creates an emotional connection that everyone is bound to remember.

Riding on the core insight that most people, individuals and corporates alike, are on a mission to grow their wealth, and subsequently, constantly searching for additional income streams or investing their earnings; FBNQuest provides comfort and assurance to both current and potential clients, by reassuring them that their wealth manager is also as invested in and dedicated to helping them meet their goals.

The ‘Powered by People’ campaign showcases the unwavering commitment, resilience and spirit of excellence that is delivered through FBNQuest’s employees to its clients and stakeholders.

From its humble beginnings to its current position as one of the foremost investment managers of choice in Nigeria with strong corporate and investment banking capabilities, FBNQuest has always been known for its tenacity, drive, passion, and the courage to take clients through uncharted waters.

The campaign sets a direction for the FBNQuest brand, built around the belief that investing, at its heart, is people helping people. The campaign portrays a different side of the brand persona, and the importance it places on its clients’ needs while maintaining competence, thought leadership and demonstrable industry experience.

To further drive the essence of the #PoweredbyPeople campaign, supporting activations and expressions were deployed, including the lead video titled ‘Who is “Mo”?’.  

The video navigates through different moments in the lives of the people through one character “Mo” who has dreams and aspirations and shows the people of FBNQuest, equipped to provide real insights and solutions that are right for their clients.

Speaking on the campaign, Lolade Sasore, Head, People and Knowledge Engagement, stated that “the campaign stretches beyond advertising; it is part of a promise to create an added personalised experience for our clients across all touchpoints.

“We are delighted to have a message that reinforces our commitment to our people – our greatest asset. If we have learnt anything about ourselves in recent past, it is that a global pandemic could not stop us from working as a team to deliver value to our employees, clients and shareholders.  

“We were not defined by the challenges we faced. We are Powered by People and this is the spirit we are taking forward on a quest into every unpredictable future. We are confident in our people”, she added.

Through the #PoweredbyPeople campaign, FBNQuest seeks to reiterate its commitment to its clients by ensuring they are firmly integrated into their financial dreams and future.

You are just one click away from watching the ‘Who is “Mo”?’ video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFUVGbBZmOk

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