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Elon Musk Seeks Recall Of Twitter Sacked Staff

Elon Musk Seeks Recall Of Twitter Sacked Staff

American billionaire, Elon Musk has sought the recall of some sacked employees of Twitter, the tech company he recently acquired.

Two sources within the firm have confirmed this development, stating that Musk had come to the realisation that it is either some workers were laid off by accident or without realising their experience was essential to building the features he wants to bring to the platform.

Recall that since on Friday, November 4, 2022, Twitter had begun to lay off its employees, such that about 3,800 of its employees were now out of job, a move that gutted teams across the company, including those responsible for developing new accessibility features.

Fast-forward to Saturday, November 5, the company began briefly rolling out its new paid verification system. One day later, the company reportedly made the decision to delay the release of that feature until after the United States midterm elections.

Twitter’s mass layoffs had, however, affected the newly-formed African team of the social media platform based in Ghana.

Already, a former Senior Partner Manager at the Twitter Africa office, Bernard Kafui Sokpe, announced his exit from the company.

Sokpe, via his Twitter handle, said, “It’s been a year working at a place I never imagined I’ll ever get to work. I’m glad that I could represent for Africa & I didn’t let us down. My best career experience by far & it was beautiful whilst it lasted. Much love to all the amazing tweeps that made it worth it. #OneTeam.”

His tweet comes days after sharing photos of the newly-opened headquarters of Twitter in Accra, Ghana and revealing that it was the first time the team would be working together in the office.


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