China Set To Hit Market with 1.26b Mobile Phones

Smartphone Companies Shipped 340m Units in Q1 2021, Up By 24%

China has  produced over 1.26 billion mobile phones within the first eight months of the year, including 932 million smart phones.

This information was made known to the public at a summit on mobile innovation on Thursday, November, 2 by Qiao Yueshan for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

According to the ministry, China produced about 1.3 billion mobile phones during the same period in 2016.

Qiao also revealed that China was one of the world’s leading producers of smart phones, with increasing international clout in the field.

He went further to say that though the industry is triumphant in braking technology barriers, they still face some challenges.

In his own words, “However, our smart terminal industry still faces challenges, such as the homogeniaation of designs.

“Manufacturers of smart terminals should focus on research on core technology and seize opportunities in artificial intelligence, as well as prepare for the 5G network era.”