Bitcoin Surges 1.42 percent against Dollar after US Midterm Elections

BTC Drops to $8,000 amid Growing Selling Pressure

Bitcoin on Wednesday challenged new highs as price against the US Dollar surged 1.42 percent within a few hours.


The BTC/USD pair built upon the near-term bullish scenario after breaking above the interim resistance explained in our previous analysis. A breakout action above 6421-fiat started attracting long positions towards 6500-fiat as the primary upside target. The pair rallied and established a new intraday high towards 6515-fiat before retreating across the exchanges. It is now trading at 6507-fiat.

The Dollar meanwhile slumped very little ahead of the US midterm elections. As of now, the Democratic party has announced its victory after winning 218 seats to control the House. The results could particularly weaken the dollar further, allowing US stocks to breathe a bullish air after the markets open today. In parallel, Bitcoin – a 24/7 open market – is already showing signs of a strong bullish bias in near-term.

BTC/USD Technical Analysis


The previous resistance at 6421-fiat is now taking up the role of a support after the BTC/USD rally. The pair is hinting a small bearish correction already, with its RSI and Stochastic Oscillator situated around the overbought area. The volume nevertheless has dipped as of now, meaning the new few hours could exhibit a stable price action before a downside correction attempt.

The BTC/USD pair is already trending inside a near-term rising wedge that is usually considered bearish for the same timeframe. The pair, now testing the upper trendline, should reverse and bring the lower trendline in view of the correction. That certainly is a decent short opportunity for day traders. Both the trendlines are almost parallel, so the price should start losing volume as they begin to converge. It could be the foremost signal of a breakdown scenario below the lower trendline. That also indicates that rallies taking place inside the rising wedge will prove to meaningless unless a sharp breakout above the upper trendline changes the technical dynamics overall.

BTC/USD Intraday Analysis

Our intraday analysis enables us to make profits regardless of the direction of the Bitcoin price action. The range we are watching today has 6513-fiat serving as interim resistance and 6421-fiat serving as interim support. The range is wide enough to apply our intrarange strategy. Therefore, a pullback from resistance enables a short position towards support and a retracement from support enables a long position towards resistance. It’s that simple.

Nevertheless, the real profits lie in the breakout targets. As we are already near the resistance level, a weak US dollar is allowing us to enter a long position towards 6640-fiat, our next upside target. Meanwhile, we are also maintaining a stop loss order just 3-pips below the entry point to exit the market on a small loss, in the event of a pullback action.

Looking towards the south, a break below 6421-fiat will have us enter a short position towards 6372-fiat, the bottom of the November 5 trading session. In this position, maintaining a stop loss order just 4-pips above the entry point would ensure that our risks stay lesser.

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