BetaLife To Showcase Its AI-Powered Health Tech Solution At GITEX AFRICA 2023

BetaLife To Showcase Its AI-Powered Health Tech Solution At GITEX AFRICA 2023

BetaLife Health is changing the African healthcare narrative by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to promote health equity and improve patient outcomes.

Africa has long been plagued by a blood donation shortage, with many countries struggling to meet the demand for blood transfusions. But now, thanks to advances in AI, the continent is on the brink of a breakthrough that could save countless lives.

BetaLife Health has revolutionized the way that blood donations are managed in Africa. Instead of relying on manual processes, hospitals and blood banks are now using BetaLife Health sophisticated algorithms to predict when and where blood donations will be needed most. This has led to more efficient distribution of blood products, reducing waste and ensuring that those who need it most receive the lifesaving treatment they require.

In addition, BetaLife Health AI-powered chatbots are being used to help recruit blood donors and spread awareness about the importance of donating blood. These chatbots help engage with potential donors on social media platforms and messaging apps, answering questions and dispelling myths about the donation process.

One of the most significant advantages of AI in the blood donation process is its ability to analyze vast amounts of data and make predictions based on that data. BetaLife Health groundbreaking technology has helped blood banks predict when donation rates will be low and take proactive steps to encourage donors to give blood before shortages occur.

In Africa, the need for blood stands more pronounced, as blood transfusion is needed every few seconds. According to the World Health Organization report, over ten million pints of blood are required to meet the transfusion needs in the African region.

As a way to promote its lifesaving activities to other African countries, BetaLife is being sponsored by the JICA to represent Nigeria at the GITEX Africa 2023 Tech event in Morocco. BetaLife is also one of the few beneficiaries of the Microsoft startup support, Health Tech Hub Africa Accelerator, Winner Health 4 Equity Grant, Winner AfriHacks challenge and coming on top as the best performing startup of the NITDA i-hatch startup incubation program.

Furthermore, the cloud-based platform connects hospitals and blood centers nationwide in a way never possible before to ensure the efficient flow of lifesaving blood products to patients in need. By providing direct access to a diversified base of premier blood centers, BetaLife Health is increasing inventory turns, eliminating waste, reducing shortages and accelerating growth.

The young Founder & CEO of BetaLife, Mubarak Ayanniyi just at age 21 is proud to be the Changemaker driving blood supply in Africa, their innovation has benefited thousands of ill people, mothers experiencing labor complications, fathers undergoing heart surgery, children undergoing chemotherapy treatments, grandparents suffering from severe anemia, premature babies and accident victims. Money can’t buy life, but they have been able to give these patients an extra life on earth with their innovation.

BetaLife is the first of its kind in Africa, existing solutions in this vertical do not have real-time visibility into blood bank inventory, so they must rely on reports or physically visit blood bank centers to obtain real-time information about available blood bags. This leads to time wastage and reflects a poor use of human resources, especially during emergencies. Without BetaHealth, hospitals cannot communicate in real-time with blood banks. 

Nevertheless, their solution is fully API-based infrastructure, thus can be easily deployed into any market without a physical footprint through partnerships with blood bank regulators and hospitals.

BetaLife management has diverse skill sets and experience across healthcare, entrepreneurship, product design, operations and tech necessary to scale the product. The team enjoys an unfair advantage with a deeply rooted experience at the intersection of tech, healthcare and product design.

Blood as we all know cannot be manufactured and the demand is going to be till the end of time. BetaLife’s mission is enhancing the wellbeing of patients by providing a platform that guarantees the visibility, security and reliability of records from donation to transfusion and by promoting research and education programs in transfusion medicine. With their already launched service they are determined in saving millions of lives in Africa.

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