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Career changes can be tricky affairs. You may possess the skillset from past experiences to work something else entirely than your current job. But a career change is definitely on the cards if you’re unhappy with your current employment and are looking for a bigger paycheck. All that’s left is for you to figure out the best high-paying skills. If you haven’t developed these skills, fear not, as you can learn them from home.

That’s the beauty of today’s world; you can learn any skill online and start something new and exciting. So if that’s what you’re looking for, let us introduce you to the six high-paying skills you can learn from home.

With all that said, let’s start.

1. Search Engine Optimization

If your current job is uninspiring and you’re looking for something more exciting, why not try search engine optimization?
You’re probably using the internet day and night. You’re browsing websites, buying products, and reading articles all the time. Well, a core component of a website’s strategy is SEO.

SEO experts are constantly looking at ways to beat Google at their game. It’s quite a competitive industry where the best SEO experts dictate the most suitable strategy to appear on the first page of Google. SEO is an ever-changing niche where you constantly look at small things that make big differences.

And the best part about SEO is that it is hot in demand. Although there are many SEO experts, businesses are always looking to improve their standing with Google. After all, how else would they attract organic traffic? And attracting organic traffic will be your number one priority. So if you fancy playing with Google’s search algorithm, SEO will make you stop procrastinating and work on building exciting things.

How to Learn SEO?

Fortunately, you can learn SEO right from home. There are dozens of online courses and YouTube tutorials explaining the fundamentals of search engine optimization and how to begin your career.

2. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a term that encapsulates many things into one. Even SEO falls under the digital marketing umbrella. Digital marketers are experts that use digital means to promote products, services, and businesses.

At one point, digital marketing was a job where companies would tell you what to post on Instagram. Companies are throwing big money at digital marketing, compared to traditional marketing. This form of marketing is so expansive that it has the potential to overtake traditional marketing. That might be currently happening as we speak.

So what is your job as a digital marketer? Well, digital marketers drive brand awareness, generate leads, create ads, update content, monitor analytics, etc., through digital channels.

There are many sub-categories of digital marketing to specialize in. For example, you could try SEO (yes, it is part of digital marketing), social media marketing, email marketing, and even affiliate marketing. And the best part is that the sky is the limit regarding employment opportunities.

How to Learn Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is yet another high-paying skill to learn from home. Like the previous skill, you can begin by watching YouTube tutorials or signing up for an online course. Even social media giants offer tutorials on launching your first ad campaigns, so give these a try.

3. Copywriting

If you have a knack for writing, copywriting is the next high-paying skill to develop from home. Copywriting presents an opportunity to do what the writer in you loves the most – write. The job of a copywriter is to write concise and precise ad copies. Although copywriting is yet another massively expansive area, you will spend most of your time as a copywriter as part of the SEO team.

Namely, digital marketing is your avenue, and your responsibility is to create written content that drives traffic, sales, leads, etc.
Copywriters work in close tandem with SEO experts. This presents an opportunity to learn both.
Regardless, copywriting is yet another high-paying skill to develop from home.

How to Learn Copywriting?

There are thousands of copywriting experts around the web. These experts have their own blogs where they share their secrets. Of course, +you’ll need to research them, but they are generally the best place to start. You can also try an online course or watch YouTube tutorials.

4. Graphics Design

If you have an eye for design, why not try graphics design? This is another high-paying skill where you create art on your computer. Graphics designers are some of the most talented people on the planet. They use their eye for color, font, textures, and in-depth Photoshop and Illustrator knowledge to create all kinds of designs.

The best part about graphics design is you can learn it from home. But another cool part is that you can work in any industry. For example, you can create product materials for a watch company or posters to promote events. The sky is the limit regarding the versatility of graphics design.

How to Learn Graphics Design?

Learning graphics design is easy. Simply purchase a copy of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and watch YouTube tutorials to familiarize yourself with the software. Then, let your eye for design do the rest.

5. Web Design

Although it might sound similar to graphics design, web design is entirely different. Web designers create websites, and they mostly focus on the design aspect.

A web designer’s primary role is ensuring the website’s design adheres to modern web design standards. In addition, usability and experience are two critical factors. Namely, web designers ensure the website is usable while users have a pleasant experience.

How to Learn Web Design?

Web design is a high-paying skill you can learn from home. But, like most of the skills on this list, watching YouTube tutorials or signing up for courses gives you the best chance to become a web designer.

6. Video Editing

The last high-paying skill you can learn from home is video editing. Video editors are given raw video materials and tasked to create a finished product ready for broadcasting. With that said, video editing doesn’t have to sound corporate. Video editors are always in demand, as there is always someone with a Go Pro recording. Therefore, video editing can be a highly lucrative skill to develop.

How to Learn Video Editing?

So that begs the question, how do you learn video editing? Your best chance to become a video editor, and a good one, is to learn the basics of one of the dozens of video editing software. Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects are the standards in the industry, but you can also try Sony Vegas Pro, DaVinci, or one of the Apple video editing software.


That concludes this list of the six high-paying skills to learn from home. Let us know if you agree with us and if there are any skills we’ve missed out on.

Erik Bergman co-founded Catena Media and helped grow it to over 300 employees and a $200 million valuation before stepping away to start Great.com, an iGaming organization that donates 100% of its profits to environmental charities. In addition to running a successful online affiliate business, Erik also hosts the Becoming Great podcast, shares entrepreneurship tips with his more than 1 million social media followers, and contributes to sites like Entrepreneuer.com, Business Insider, Foundr, and Forbes.

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