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Transport Fare Paid By Nigerians Rose By 78.08% In February

Transport Fare Paid By Nigerians Rose By 78.08% In February

The Nigeria Bureau of Statistics (NBS) revealed that transport fare paid by Nigerians for trips within states rose by 78.08 percent year-on-year.

It stated that fares paid by Nigerians rose by 2.60 percent on a month-on-month basis in the month of February.

Categories covered in the report include bus journeys taken within cities per drop constant route “bus journey intercity, state route, charge per person; airfare charge for specified routes single journey; journey by motorcycle (Okada) per drop; and waterway passenger transport.”

States With High Transport Fares

The report disclosed that residents of the following states paid more for transportation in the month of February: Zamfara with N620.15, the highest, Bauchi with N530.10, and Ekiti State with N475.25.

States, where residents paid the lowest, include Oyo State with N190.45, Abia State with N208.55, and Borno State with N250.72.

On a month-on-month basis, the average transport fare paid by commuters for intercity trips rose by 1.13 percent and 39.85 percent on a year-on-year basis to N2,372.87 from January’s N2,346.41.

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Intercity Fares

States that reported the highest bus journey fares for intercity trips include Abuja, FCT with N4,500.88, Sokoto State with N3,350.60, and Lagos State with N3,340.60.

At the other end of the price scope, states, where residents paid the lowest for trips within the city, were Bayelsa State with N1,650.32, Bauchi State with N1,690.80, and Enugu State with N1,700.

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Air Fares

Fares paid for air trips for specified single trips on a month-on-month basis fell by -0.02 percent and rose by 17.97 percent on a year-on-year basis to N36,458.11 in February against January’s N36,463.65.

States that recorded the highest airfares include Delta/Lagos States with N38,600, Anambra/Bayelsa States with N38,500, and Bauchi State with N38,400.

While states with the lowest airfares include Akwa-Ibom State with N32,500, Sokoto State with N33,600, and Gombe State with N35,000.

Motorcycle Fares

The NBS report stated that commuters paid more for journeys by motorcycles, with a 2.86 percent increase in February on a month-on-month basis, while the year-on-year increase stood at 97.68 percent from January’s N259.33 to N266.74 in February.

For states that paid the highest fares, the report said, “States with highest journey fare by motorcycle per drop were Taraba (N436.20), Yobe (N425.02) and Kogi (N400.12) while states with lowest journey fare by motorcycle per drop were Adamawa (N86.47), Katsina (N140.12) and Kebbi (N155.90).”

WaterWay Fares

“Average fare paid by passengers for waterway passenger transport increased by 1.00% month-on-month and by 39.63% year-on-year to N794.02 in February 2021 from N786.19 in January 2021. States with the highest fare by waterway passenger transport were Rivers (N2,299.35), Delta (N2,280.33), and Bayelsa (N2,258.49) while states with lowest fare by waterway passenger transport were Borno (N240.55), Gombe (N297.23), and Abuja FCT (N340.22),” the report said.

This report is a reflection of inflation in both the transportation and food sectors of the country’s economy, with the current rate of inflation at 17.33 percent year-on-year.

Recall that BizWatch Nigeria reported that food inflation stood at 21.79 percent in February, higher than January’s 20.57 percent.


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