Top 7 Side Hustles For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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If you are operating a 9-5 job and you are an individual seeking for a high paying side hustle to start in Nigeria with no capital, then this post will help you do so.

The interesting part is that most of these profitable side hustles require little or no capital investment to get started and you can turn these side hustle into a full-time job.

Having a side hustle can make you financially independent and grant you the opportunity to monetize your skill.
let’s get started.

Open Your Own Online Store

Technology has made buying and selling way easier with eCommerce. You don’t necessarily need to own a physical shop before you can nurse the idea of buying and selling.

You can do it from any location once you own an online store. Your online store can start on 3rd party eCommerce sites like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, which open you up to competition amongst merchants.

However, it’s advisable you go for products in high demand like health products, fashion items, skincare products, gadgets, food etc. Just go for a niche that interest you and is also profitable, so you can give your 100% commitment and time to it.

Gadget Repair

Gadget repair is a really lucrative side hustle in Nigeria. Specializing in phone and computers repair is the new thing. Although it requires some level of expertise to start the business.

Besides, it is an amazing way to generate income in Nigeria. Once you have acquired the skill, you’ll be good to go.

Another way to go about this is to partner with someone or people that you know are experts at the repair of gadgets and have a friendly business agreement with them.

Digital Marketing

The more businesses keep going digital, there will definitely be a need for people that can help manage them. These experts are called digital marketers.

Digital marketers will help your business stand out online and at the same time reach out to more potential customers.

You might think you’re capable of doing the job of a digital marketer, but once you try it you’ll know that they’re trained and good at what they do. This is why you can become a digital marketer. Yes, you can learn and acquire digital marketing skills.

Even if you just want to focus on running ads, creating digital strategies, tracking engagements and views etc you can do his from home and make some really good money.

Event Planning

Event planning is one of the top-paying side hustles that is bringing food to the table of many.

We all know that Nigerians love parties, weddings and naming ceremonies inclusive. Events can’t just stop happening in Nigeria. The challenge here might just be finding your first client.

Event planning is such a lucrative side hustle in Nigeria. You could do this conveniently alongside your full-time job.

Start a YouTube Channel

Millions of people visit YouTube to learn, educate and entertain themselves. You can come up with a high quality and content video for a particular set of people.

You can monetize your YouTube video and make money as a YouTuber in Nigeria.Your task will be to create content that your target audiences are searching for and happy to consume.

There is really nothing people don’t search for on YouTube. The most interesting part is that you’ll get at least one or two results for every search.

Creating a YouTube channel is one of the best side hustles you can embrace in Nigeria. You’ll need to be able to create videos with quality content.

Start an Uber Gig

Running an Uber Gig is such a lucrative side hustle in Nigeria that could get you so much money.

All you’ll need is a car that meets Uber requirements with all the needed paperwork.

The car could be yours or someone else’s, either way, you could make money from it as a side hustle. There are lots of 9 – 5 workers who do this after the day job and also weekend. This on by fat one of the best side hustles in Nigeria.

Make Up Artistry

Make up has now become that reoccurring factor that many ladies love to do. However you can turn this to a side hustle that can eventually make a lot money.

People hire the service of make up artists for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, parties and so much more.

So If you are someone who loves to do make up, consider going for online classes or tutorials in order to become a professional and make a living of it.

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