Tinubu’s Agenda, Beginning Of A New Era Says Okumagba

Let The Poor Breeef, Don't Suffocate Them

Olorogun Bernard Okumagba, a representative of Delta State on the Niger Delta Development Commission’s Governing Board, said President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s inaugural speech “showed his firm and unequivocal commitment to progressive good governance in furtherance of the Nigerian ideal, succinctly captured in his five governance principles.”

The NDDC Commissioner, a well-known APC figure in Delta State, praised Tinubu’s pledge to address the country’s economic issues as well as his instruction to the monetary authorities to make monetary policy more business-friendly and work toward a single exchange rate.

This was said in a statement that he personally signed and that was made accessible to journalists on Tuesday in Warri, Delta State.

In the statement, Tinubu was praised for his progressive plans for the country and the incoming administration was wished “every success in leading our nation towards stability, true democratic governance, and economic development.”

Okumagba stated that Tinubu “will bring these remarkable skills and attributes to bear in renewing the hopes of Nigerians for a more prosperous nation” due to his well-established reputation as a bridge builder, a true progressive, an astute supporter of true federalism, and someone who has over the years made sacrifices to ensure the survival of democracy in the country.

He also expressed his gratitude for Tinubu’s substantial contribution to finding answers to Nigeria’s political and economic problems. The maintenance of a succession pipeline has since made Lagos the state of choice to live in, work in, and play in, as Okumagba recounts President Tinubu’s extraordinary transformation of Lagos State during his tenure as Governor between 1999 and 2007.

“I look forward to your tenure marked by peace and prosperity of our country through an inclusive national reconciliation process; remarkable focus on confronting insecurity through a reform of the sector; growing the economy; and tackling multidimensional poverty, which would boost Micro Small and Medium Enterprises and thereby create a robust middle class that will drive our Country’s economic rebound under your watch,” he said.

Recalling that Tinubu had stated that the new administration’s guiding principle was to “govern according to the constitution and the rule of law; to defend the nation from terror and all forms of criminality that threaten the peace and stability of our country; and to remodel our economy to bring about growth and development through job creation, food security, and an end to extreme poverty,” Okumagba came to the conclusion that the guiding principle is consistent with the constitution.

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