Seaman’s Latest Campaign Encourages Hard Work

Seaman's Latest Campaign Encourages Hard Work

With its latest promotion, dubbed “Unlock your blessings,” Seaman’s Schnapps claimed to be encouraging hard work among Nigerians.

Speaking to media at a press conference in Ikeja recently, Mr. Adebowale Bojuwade, Senior Brand Manager for Schnapps at Grand Oak Limited, said the campaign aimed to inspire people to take action and open the doors to the good things they were looking for.

It aims to encourage individuals to use their blessings. The campaign is open to everyone and covers every aspect of society, so no segment will be left out.

He added that the brand wants to remind everyone that everyday circumstances like good health, safety, and the ability to afford basic needs are also blessings worthy of gratitude, especially during difficult economic times. People frequently associate blessings with landmark moments like childbirth, marriage, or career milestone.

Adebowale clarified that the goal of the campaign is to raise Nigerians’ social consciousness in addition to promoting the brand.

A better society, according to Bojuwade, is the result of being able to inspire and urge individuals to discover their benefits.

“As I mentioned earlier, the campaign aims to raise social consciousness in addition to promoting the company. Because we really believe that encouraging and motivating people to discover their blessings will result in a better society that is productive and prosperous, which will promote the economy and assist to expand the brand.

According to Adebowale, the goal of the brand is to instill a spirit of thanksgiving in individuals of all ages and demographics by making them aware of the blessings in their immediate environment.

He continued by saying that the campaign encourages people to discover their own route to blessing by appreciating and celebrating the little victories and everyday pleasures that make life worth living.

“Seaman’s Schnapps recognizes the significant role that spirituality plays in human existence, and the brand has always been a conveyor of blessings, seeking to enhance the hope and spiritual uplifting of individuals and communities in a long-lasting and meaningful way.”

Everyone is invited to join the movement and embrace the notion that blessings are abundant in our lives by recognizing ordinary marvels and showing gratitude for them, which opens the door to greater happiness and contentment.

Adebowale acknowledged that the campaign costs hundreds of millions of dollars but stated he might not be able to quantify the cost.

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