Rubber Farmers Call For Increase In Agricultural Subsidies

Rubber Farmers Call For Increase In Agricultural Subsidies

Rubber farmers, under the umbrella of the National Rubber Producers, Processors and Marketers Association of Nigeria, have called for increased support from the Federal Government, including better subsidy facilities.

This need was outlined in the association’s communiqué after its National Conference held in Abuja themed, ‘Industrialisation of the Rubber Sub-Sector in Nigeria’.

The association proffered strategic partnerships with state governments to expand the rubber value chains in partner states by providing land for rubber plantations.

The communique said, “Government should take up the responsibility to measure out modalities to assist in rubber production technology to further enhance the promotion and sustainability of the rubber sector.

“State governments should collaborate with the association in the development of rubber value chain in their states by making land available for the development of rubber plantations.

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“Government should also increase agricultural subsidies to rubber farmers by construction of smokehouses in clusters.

“This is for effective storage facilities, basic infrastructural facilities, agrichemicals and fertiliser to boost rubber production.

“There is urgent need for government to collaborate with the organised private sector to factor in aggressive programmes for the development of the rubber sector.

“This is due to the potential it has to contribute to the Nigerian economy and diversification efforts of the federal government for the sustainable development of the country.

“Government should also enhance the research institute sector, to enable them develop technologies to improve the rubber sector.

“Government should expand and enhance the extension services to assist farmers in the rubber sector.”

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