LASRRA: How To Register Online, Enrollment Centres

LASRRA: How To Register Online, Enrollment Centres

The Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASRRA) is a registration exclusive for persons living in Lagos. LASRRA is a form of identification and it helps the Lagos State Government to keep track of the number of persons living in the state.

LASRRA is a parastatal of Lagos State Ministry of Science and Technology.

How to register for LASRRA

There are ways to register for LASRRA: Online Registration and Direct Registration. Please note LASRRA registration is free!!!!

Online Registration

Lagos State residents are able to register online using the registration portal. Online registration saves you time and resources.
Before you submit the online form, you will be required to review the information you have entered. After submitting the LASRRA form, a unique reference number is generated online which you are required to take to their nearest registration point or office for your bio-metric information to be captured.

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Direct Registration

Direct registration is done at any of the registration centres. The data is inputted at the centre directly unto the system, this method is more stressful and it consumes more time.

How to register for LASRRA online

To register online, follow this link
After registering online below are the details you will see on your screen:
Online Registration ID
First Name
Other Name
Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
State of Residence

Documents needed for registration

Below are the documents required for LASRRA registration:

Adult Registration Document Requirements (Ages 16 years and above):

Two proofs of identification are required: Photo identification and residence address verification. All proofs of identification and residency must be valid at the time of registration.

PROOF OF IDENTIFICATION (Any one of the following is acceptable):
International Passport
Employee ID Card
Association ID
National ID Card
Nigerian National Driver’s License
Student ID Card
Tax Card or Receipt
Letter of identification from parent/CDA/Householder or registered associations or organisation endorsed

PROOF OF RESIDENCE (Any one of the following is acceptable):
Rent Receipt/Agreement
Utility Bill of current place of residence (Refuse disposal bill, PHCN bill, Water bill, etc)

Child/Children Registration Document Requirements (Ages 0 to 15 years):
Birth Certificate (Original & photocopy)
Photocopy of registration card of the adult registering the child (the adult should have completed registration before a child can be registered)

Registration Centres

LASRRA has over 20 registration centres across Lagos State. To locate the nearest centre to you follow this link

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