German Company Introduces Producers To Innovative Technology

German Company Introduces Producers To Innovative Technology

The VDW-German Machine Tool Builders’ Association and the Nigerian-German Chamber of Commerce have stated that they will provide manufacturers in Nigeria with the chance to interact with the top technicians, inventors, and digital enthusiasts.

The pair explained that they planned this for the EMO Hannover 2023 trade show in September in Germany during a press conference in Lagos.

The event, which is among the top trade shows in the world for production technology, will present the newest organizational, strategic, and technological trends in global production, according to NGCC Director-General Marilyn Rapu.

With the subject “Innovate manufacturing,” the NGCC chief announced that there will be exhibitors from several nations that make up the production technology value chain, all of whom would present a thorough overview of the most recent technological advancements.

It’s a production technology show, the director general remarked. Small businesses can join. The manufacturing industry in Nigeria needs to modernize its practices to keep up with the global information explosion.

Germany has helped Nigeria in a variety of ways over the years, particularly technologically. Participants would get knowledge of current trends, comprehend obstacles, network, and find answers to issues they are now facing locally. Because manufacturing is the future for Nigeria, a nation without strong manufacturing for export faces serious issues.

Kayode Jegede, the project manager for the Nigeria-based Skilled Workers For Africa-VDMA initiative, added that the fair included every component of the manufacturing ecosystem and provided an opportunity for local manufacturers to learn, unlearn, and relearn in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness in their specific fields.

“It’s not just about the hardware or the machines,” Jegede remarked. It involves the entire manufacturing ecosystem, including knowledge, skills, and processes. Germany is known for having the best manufacturing equipment and infrastructure. Since you are aware, ideas dominate the world, this is a learning fair.

Therefore, Nigerian producers are urged to seize this chance since they will never regret it.

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