Every Nigerian Has Stolen These 5 Things

Funny how you pick other people’s things and still not consider yourself a thief. The excuse given for these ‘petty theft’ is that what is stolen is too small. Some people go as far as saying that they just ‘borrowed’ it even though they don’t have the intention of returning it.

We share some of the little things that almost everyone has stolen. Not that it is right but you don’t just see anything wrong with what you did. Enjoy!


Who hasn’t swiped that pen that is innocently lying on a table? There is a very high possibility that you have. A pen is only 20 NGN and you wonder why you cannot buy one instead of picking other people’s pen. If stealing pens was a crime, many of us would have been jailed!

A spot on the line

A report last year showed that Lagosians waste 7 hours in traffic daily. This has endeared many of them to BRT buses which can saves time due to their dedicated and exclusive lane. This is why the queues at BRT stops are always very long.

Instead of you doing the appropriate and joining the queue from behind, you majestically and confidently walked to the front and joined. You have stolen if you don’t know. You didn’t even consider the people who have been queuing for hours. They may overlook your effrontery. But most times you will be confronted and you may be kicked out of the line. Trust Nigerians!

Parking space

In a city like Lagos where everyone is protecting their interest, people have accepted some anti-social behaviour like stealing parking spaces. They will even call you ‘stupid’ for allowing someone to take your spot. You just want to reverse and park properly but before you know someone else takes your space and you try talking to but they ignore you and walked away. I mean what will you do?

Meat in the pot

You must be an SU if you have not stolen meat from mummy’s pot or your mom’s soup is not delicious. If you mom catches you, you will never forget the knock you will receive on your head. Funny enough some adults still ‘steal’.

Book and Magazine

You see a book on the shelf and you know that it is not yours and you have still refused to remove it. Why don’t you just return the book to the owner? Funny enough, you may not have read the book since you borrowed it. It is just gathering dust on your shelf. Just in case you are not aware, you have stolen!


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