Access Pensions Provides Financial Planning Services To Its Customers

Access Pensions Provides Financial Planning Services To Its Customers

In order to ensure that its customers transition to a comfortable retirement, Access Pensions has stated that it will offer individualized financial planning.

Dave Uduanu, Managing Director of Access Pensions, stated that the financial future of its consumers was a priority, and that with its in-house knowledge, its customers could receive more services.

At a ‘Evening with Access Pensions’ event in Abuja, Dave participated in an interactive discussion with some of the company’s high-net-worth individual clients.

“Many people enter retirement without adequate preparation. It is imperative to begin retirement planning as soon as possible, ideally starting to think about post-retirement plans around the age of 40”, stated Dave.

Failure to consider your financial flow, lifestyle, and anticipated post-retirement needs can make it difficult to support yourself in retirement.

Housing, children’s education, and healthcare are three crucial concerns that must be addressed when talking about retirement and pensions. Even if it is beyond the scope of our profession, healthcare is nonetheless an important factor to take into account while planning for retirement.

Dave stated that the goal of the personalized financial service was to make sure that retirement assets were used for their intended purpose, which was to provide pensions, and were not drained by bills like rent, tuition, or medical costs.

He also said that workers’ RSA mortgage equity support might help with housing demands, and that thorough financial planning could help with issues related to schooling.

Other Access Pensions partners had the opportunity to highlight complimentary services that could improve the clients’ financial security during the event.

Clients had access to a wide variety of services as a member of the Access Corporation ecosystem. Beyond pensions, the partnership with other organizations like Coronation Insurance and Coronation Trustees includes their total financial well-being.

As part of its value-added services, Access Pensions also provided wealth advisory and financial planning to its clients.

Uchenna Edeh, Regional Head of Corporate Team at Access Pensions, recognized three different phases of retirement, each with its own traits.

Resources are in abundance during the first stage, but then they started to run out and the retiree became dependent on retirement funds. In the last stage, costs tended to rise significantly, frequently due to increases in healthcare costs.

Additionally, Access Pensions’ Chief investing Officer, Wale Okunrinboye, said that the company’s investing strategy was rigorous, quantitative, and supported by thorough research to guarantee that clients received the best possible value for their pension.

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