Six Reasons Ronaldo’s Juventus Move Will Keep the Ball Rolling

The football world is shocked, while Real Madrid supporters are more or less mourning the departure of their biggest superstar. But what is done is done and the show must go on. It is time to look at what the future holds for Real Madrid and football in general.

There is a silver lining to every cloud, even this dark one. So let us take a look at the positives:

#6 The arrival of a new Superstar in Madrid is more likely than ever

Real Madrid are not one of those shy, quite clubs who will wait patiently after losing their talisman. Tighten your seatbelts fellas, this transfer window is going to be a topsy-turvy ride. The Madrid based side will make moves for the biggest names in football.

Florentino Perez has been vocal about his admiration for Neymar Jr. Eden Hazard has been flirting with Real Madrid for a long time, Mbappe has been on the radar as well.

Though filling Cristiano Ronaldo’s boots is a mammoth task (The Red Devils will agree with me on this), playing for Real Madrid is an attraction in itself for any player. Also, the opportunity of being the main man at a top club is music to any player’s ears.

With the fear of being shadowed by the stardom of the great man now gone, top players might fulfill their dream of representing the most demanding club in the world.

With money in the bank already, Real Madrid might make the transfer market go crazy. James Rodriguez was the last Galactico signing for Real Madrid, since then Madrid have been quiet in the transfer market going by their standards. Los Blancos are at a very good position financially and may not hesitate to splash the cash this time around.

#5 Ronaldo vs Messi debates will cool off

It was hard for Ronaldo and Messi to compete with each other, but it was harder for their fans on social media. It was not very uncommon for a football debate to turn into a Ronaldo vs Messi debate.

With both the footballing greats plying their trade in different leagues, the comparisons and arguments will decrease. Their presence in the Champions League will make sure the most ultimate romance in football story stays alive.

This will act as a good cool-off for the decade-long comparisons of each goal they scored and each match they played. The only thing missing out will be the excitement of El Classico when the world used to stop to see the two best teams in the world with two absolute superhumans of football playing against each other.

#4 A chance for Ronaldo to wind up his haters once and for all

Cristiano won it all at Manchester United, he won it all at Real Madrid. Still, in recent days it’s been said that he’s successful because he has a team who works hard for him and not the other way round. If he wins a UEFA Champions League at Juve, he will add a new polish to his already glittering career which will settle all debates.

No player of this era has played at three top clubs and dominated three different leagues and success at Juventus will put Cristiano in a league of his own. The no. 7 forward is cut out for Champions League, the trophy Juventus has been longing for since long after dominating the domestic league in the recent years. This might be a match made in heaven.

Real Madrid can finally enter a long-awaited transition and move on to its new crop of superstarsReal Madrid v Eibar – La Liga

#3 Real Madrid can finally enter a long-awaited transition and move on to its new crop of superstars

With Cristiano Ronaldo in your team, you crave for attention and praise. Some Real Madrid player’s like Isco, Asensio, Bale, Kovacic, Ceballos, Vasquez will get more attention and praise for their work which is long due.

Though I will say it again and again, fulfilling the Role of a player who guaranteed 50 goals a season is no easy task, but this transition had to happen one day. Right now seems to be the best time, with Real Madrid full to the brim with attacking talent. Every spot in the starting 11 seems to constitute of two players fighting for the place.

Real Madrid have a new manager and this might just work wonders in the club’s transition into its next successful era.

#2 Seria A will get a huge boost and Juventus will be stronger

It’s been almost a decade since Spanish clubs have sort of exercised monopoly over European club Football. Seeing Juventus boosting its squad heavily, Milan clubs and other top clubs will gamble too which may finally end monotonicity in the UCL and even make Seria A more interesting.

Not to forget the fan following Cristiano Ronaldo will bring along with himself will add to the league’s viewership, which is a huge need for current Italian Football. The Old Lady will be the most dangerous contenders in the next edition of UCL for the first time in a decade of Spanish domination.

The competition is going to be more intense now if English clubs arrive at the party well prepared.

#1 Ronaldo leaves as a hero in the eyes of Every Madridista

The end of a heroic tale can be ugly if you hold on for too long. Leaving on a high is always better than leaving with regrets of continuing something more than required. Now whatever Cristiano Ronaldo does in his career, he will always be remembered as a legend at Real Madrid.

There is nothing more soothing than seeing a great story have an amazing and happy end!!

In fact, it just might be the beginning of good things to come for Ronaldo, Real Madrid and all of the Football World.


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