Shakeup at Eko Disco: Rekhiat Momoh Replaces Fired CEO Tinuade Sanda

The Board of Directors at Eko Electricity Distribution Plc (EKEDC) has made the decision to relieve Tinuade Sanda of her duties as Chief Executive Officer amid concerns over operational shortcomings during her tenure.

The embattled Sanda was summarily relieved of her duties, with the Board losing confidence in her ability to steer EKEDC through growth and productivity. Evidence of her ouster has emerged in the form of an email screenshot showing Sanda handing over responsibilities to the Chief Operating Officer, a clear sign that the Board had lost faith in her leadership. She has been immediately redeployed back to WPG Ltd, the core investor that had seconded her to the DisCo giant.

Stepping into the void left by Sanda’s abrupt departure is industry veteran Rekhiat Momoh, who assumes the mantle of Acting Chief Executive Officer effective March 26, 2024. With over three decades of hard-earned experience navigating the turbulent waters of Nigeria’s power sector, Momoh brings a steady hand and unparalleled expertise to her new role.
A consummate professional who rose through the ranks at NEPA, PHCN and now EKEDC, Momoh’s career has been decorated with numerous accolades, excellence awards and commendations attesting to her leadership capabilities. The marketing guru, armed with an MBA from Lagos State University, is also a fellow of prestigious bodies like the Nigeria Institute of Management.

In her new role, the first major crisis awaiting Momoh is tosteer the company effectively through this leadership transition following her predecessor’s tumultuous tenure. Key among the litany of issues is restoring stability, irreparably damaged after a string of operational lapses, consumer backlash..

The Board of Directors at EKEDC has expressed full confidence in Momoh’s ability to steer the company effectively through this leadership transition. With her extensive experience and proven track record, the Board is confident that Momoh will capitalize on new opportunities for growth and innovation, propelling EKEDC to greater heights in the power sector.exorcise the demons of the past. One thing is certain – the ensuing battle is shaping up to be one for the ages.

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