Rising Actress Miracle Inyanda Shares Inspiring Journey and Role in Military-Inspired Series “Lahira

Rising Actress Miracle Inyanda Shares Inspiring Journey and Role in Military-Inspired Series

During a recent interview with TVC, Miracle Inyanda, the lead actor of the Africa Magic drama series “Lahira,” shared her captivating journey and passion for acting. Raised in Jos, Nigeria, Inyanda spoke passionately about her role in the gripping drama that explores the insurgency crisis in Nigeria.

Inyanda highlighted the talent that emerges from Jos, attributing it to a unique mindset and unwavering determination. Her own journey began early, when she began acting in church as a child. In 2016, she decided to pursue acting more seriously and started attending auditions in Jos. She fondly recalled her first lead role in the movie “Ricochet,” which began her professional acting career.

While studying science with aspirations of becoming a medical doctor, Inyanda felt a strong pull towards the film industry. In 2018, she seized an opportunity to play her second lead role in the movie “Funke” in Lagos. The experience involved balancing football skills with acting, showcasing her versatility. In 2022, she received a life-changing call to audition for the role of Lahira, ultimately landing the part amidst fierce competition. Filming for the series commenced in the previous year, and Inyanda described the experience as amazing.

When asked about her connection to the character on the show, she explained that the story was relatable to her because she grew up in a place where she was surrounded by terrorists most of the time, even in her university. She stated that her upbringing in Jos gave her the courage to accept the script and bring to life the reality of insurgencies in Northern Nigeria, as she had witnessed, heard, and experienced everything firsthand.

She further emphasized that certain scenes were particularly difficult for her to film, notably the one in which her character’s father is killed. “that moment brought back many emotional memories for me, as there was a time when my own biological father was nearly killed during a similar crisis.

Inyanda expressed gratitude for her parents’ unwavering support, acknowledging their role in her pursuit of an acting career. She discussed her deep connection to her character in Lahira, drawing from personal experiences living in a region affected by terrorism.

Inyanda mentioned Adesua Wellington, Osas, and Ini-Dima Okojie as her role models in the industry. She recognized the impact of Lahira on her career, considering it a turning point, but remained grounded and focused on living a normal life.

Looking ahead, Inyanda aspires to work on more movie projects, taking her career one step at a time. Her talent and dedication, showcased through her portrayal of Lahira, position her as a rising star in the Nigerian film industry.

Africa Magic, through its message with the series Lahira, continues to demonstrate its commitment to promoting engaging and impactful storytelling in the Nigerian film industry.

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