Rainy Season: Top 7 Things To Do During This Period

Joys and Tears of The Rainy Season

Lately, the skies have been dark, and the sun seems far away, which tells us that the rainy days are ahead and it’s time for us to prepare for the forthcoming months. It is nothing to worry about.

Instead of letting a rainy day get you down, you can prepare ahead of time and still dress up, having that comfortable and stylish look at the office. From soaked clothes to wet shoes, your perfect ensemble could be in havoc just because of a light shower from the heavens above. We won’t want that to happen, right?

Here are some quick tips to keep when dressing for rainy weather or dealing with unpredictable weather in general.

Always Carry An Umbrella

There is no doubt in this. An umbrella is the safest way against the rain, always make sure you have an umbrella with you whenever you are going out. You can purchase one from any store or supermarket closest to your location. As a safety precaution, please get big umbrellas and make sure the umbrella isn’t faulty before purchasing it.

Invest In Rain Boots or Rain Coats

No matter the outfit you choose to wear, throwing on knee-high boots is not only stylish but will keep you dry. It especially goes well with neutral clothing like jeans and a shirt. Also, try getting yourself a raincoat to keep yourself warm and dry.

Consider Buying A Scarf

Protect your hair, and head with a scarf during the rainy days. A thick or thin scarf to tie around your neck can keep the flyway’s at bay and protect you against the cold. This will also serve as a head cover for when the drizzle or rain starts.

Layer Your Outfit

The weather can be tricky and unpredictable, so to avoid being caught unawares, it is advised that you layer your outfit in case of a sudden change of weather. If rain is on the radar, layer your outfit so that you can ditch outer layers if it suddenly gets warm and dry or keep yourself warm in case the weather turns for the worst. You can make this stylish by adding a sweater, hoodie, jacket, coat, or even a suit to keep the look formal and still comfortable.

All-Black Outfit

All black is like the unspoken uniform for rainy and cold seasons. Black is especially great in rain, it will absorb any muddy splashes or sudden showers and won’t become see-through when soaked. Black outfits are a very great way to keep yourself warm as it is a color that generates and absorbs heat. If you don’t want to be caught off-guard by the rain, Wear black.

Take Warm Showers

Before you start your day, make sure to take a hot or warm bath in the morning, this will get your body temperature up and keep your body feeling warm in the cold weather. It also helps to prevent you from getting diseases that can be caused by cold weather.

In instances where you have been soaked by the rain, take a hot bath right away . This helps the body return to a normal temperature after drying off and getting dressed, stabilizing the cold temperature brought by the rains.

Hot Tea To The Rescue

You may not be a fan of tea – in whatever blend (Coffee, tea bags, beverages, herbal), but for the sake of the season, you need to take hot tea.

Your body temperature needs to be regulated to avoid getting excessively cold. Tea also helps metabolism and aids focus.

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