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IBM to Partner Nigerian Firms On IT Development

United States-based Multinational Technology Company, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) has disclosed plans to partner with some Information Technology firms in Nigeria in the development of the sector.

Senior Vice President IBM Systems, Tom Rosamilia, in a chat at the ongoing 2016 Edge Conference in Las Vegas, USA, observed that Nigeria has a huge market considering its population adding that it is an interesting business market for the company which intends to partner with some firms in Lagos to develop the market.

Rosamilia noted that Africa is a huge continent with diversities, stressing that the IT infrastructure gaps in the continent present a lot of potential for investors, adding that IBM opened a research laboratory in Nairobi, Kenya in order drive innovations in Africa and also use technological solutions there to create products for other markets.

“IBM have thirteen research facilities in the world , just recently, we opened another research laboratory in South Africa, considering the research capabilities in South Africa and Nairobi, we have great minds there leveraging on some of the technologies, everything we got to do is to partner with people like we have done with other providers”, he said.

Meanwhile, at the opening general session where IBM announced the launch of a cloud-ready systems services and solutions that simplify the movement of data, applications and services across a hybrid cloud environment, Rosamilia argued that the technology industry has been revolutionized by cloud computing, making IT much more agile and flexible in delivering new services.

“In order to take advantage of this dramatic change, organizations must transform their data center infrastructure to more effectively integrate public and private clouds.”

“Technology has changed the way we work, the world is changing and you have o invest in your organization. Delivered in a cloud platform and delivered in an industry context. In delivering in an industry IBM is an industry leader offering advanced infrastructures for Cloud services such as hybrid cloud solutions.”

“We want to catch up with the biggest competitors; it is not just about delivering infrastructure for application development but about delivering the capabilities that they have inside to have cognitive computing available in the cloud.”

“We want to invest in healthcare to drive the kind of transformation, strategies and efficiency that is absolutely needed. Needing systemic performance speed with which we have to embrace technology. We need systemic performance, doing it in real time, we need to be able to do things fast.”

“Technology is the main game changer, technology is changing the game and everyone is seeing it. It must lead to new business value. We need to do this in forming ecosystem, collaboration; our plan is to expand partnership, fueling ecosystem innovation with open power. Increasing the pace of scientific discovery, collaborating on data-centric high performafance computing. Re-image business transactions with block chain which offers opportunities for financial services”.

He pointed out that organizations across all industries are investing in cloud technologies for innovation, growth and efficiency adding that today, clients are seeking a blend of public cloud, private cloud and traditional IT platforms and that IBM new solutions help to deepen hybrid cloud integration.

According to him, “today’s business environment is very dynamic and filled with disruption, a hybrid cloud model enables clients to continuously adapt while also optimizing on premises investment.”

Technology is about delivering speed, systemic performance, collaborative innovation through partnerships, innovation, changes happening in the industry and changes happening in technology.

Also speaking, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) IBM Systems, Scott Crowther, who spoke on the IBM Power Systems collaboration with a leading provider of open source solution, Red Hat Inc for Next-Generation Cloud Platforms, noted that clients choose open source capabilities to achieve new levels of agility and flexibility in the hybrid cloud environments.



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