IBM Introduces New Technology


The IBM quantum-safe roadmap, a technology that consists of a comprehensive set of tools, capabilities, and methodologies coupled with extensive expertise for an end-to-end journey to make organizations secure, was recently revealed.

The ‘IBM Quantum Safe Technology’ was introduced by IBM during its yearly Think event, which is when this information was made public.

The Quantum-Safe Roadmap, according to IBM, aims to use technology to give industry the cybersecurity capabilities needed for this new era.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology announced four quantum-resistant algorithms for standardization in July of last year, which served as the world’s wake-up call to begin the quantum-safe transition. IBM claimed to have invented three of those algorithms.

According to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, quantum-safe cryptography refers to efforts to find algorithms that are resistant to attacks by both classical and quantum computers, to maintain the security of information assets even after a large-scale quantum computer has been constructed.

The IBM z16 mainframe and IBM Tape storage technology are two examples of IBM equipment that has already begun to be made quantum-safe. But when it came to starting their own quantum-safe transitions, we learned that each of our clients had specific requirements.

“Crypto-agility in the increasingly fast-paced cybersecurity industry is our ultimate goal for clients. Crypto-agility, according to IBM, is the capacity to safeguard your systems from newly discovered flaws, adjust to meet new compliance standards, and respond to breaches in a way that maximizes resource effectiveness and reduces operational disturbance.

The company went on to say that it developed the IBM Quantum-Safe in response to the need for agility. This product consists of three key steps: discover (identify cryptography usage, analyze dependencies, and generate a cryptography bill of materials), observe (assess cryptography posture of compliance and vulnerabilities, and prioritize remediation based on risks), and transform (remediate and mitigate with built-in automation and crypto-agility).

In order to help clients become ready for the post-quantum era, an end-to-end solution with technology capabilities for each essential step, including IBM Quantum Safe Explorer, IBM Quantum Safe Advisor, and IBM Quantum Safe Remediator for the discover, observe, and transform stages, respectively, was developed.

“For the Discover stage, we developed IBM Quantum Safe Explorer to scan the source code and object code to surface all cryptographically relevant artifacts, pinpoint their locations, and uncover dependencies,” IBM noted.

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