Hello Day! Smoothie Has Received The International VEGAN Sign

Hello Day! Smoothie Has Received The International VEGAN Sign

The VEGAN sign is the world’s most recognized label in the vegan food segment. It provides a dependable guide for consumers when shopping. It allows people who care about the right balance in their diet to choose products that are suitable for their lifestyle and do not contain animal ingredients.

As of June 2023, the organization’s V-Label, VEGAN category, is also on three flavor versions of Hello Day! Smoothie – pineapple, passion fruit, mango. The creators of the label have more than 25 years of experience certifying products, which are analyzed by several experts in fields such as quality management, food technology and chemistry.

The requirements for the VEGAN mark are extremely strict. Granting us a license for Hello Day! Smoothie confirms their highest quality and high production standards – explains Jarosław Bańda, Communications Director.

Hello Day! Smoothie consists of simple, low-processed ingredients. Thanks to its uniquely thick consistency, it can successfully supplement the daily diet as a delicious and filling snack during the day. Agus’ innovative product responds to current trends and consumer expectations.

Indeed, it combines great taste and clean label. The smoothie consists only of natural, non- concentrated purees and juices and, an exceptional on the market, coconut cream. The drink is provided in a recyclable bottle that can be taken with you to work or, for example, packed in a child’s backpack for a second breakfast.

The packaging features a colorful awning, inspired by the American farmer’s market and French le marché, naturally evoking the idea
of a traditional grocery market offering food directly from farmers. This unique visual identity concept, which makes the products stand out from the competition on the store shelf, is a strategic selling tool.

The VEGAN certificate and logo are an international symbol, which is extremely important to us. Our smoothies are available in many foreign markets. To expand our sales network, we are constantly looking for new business partners, offering them a branded product of the highest quality and attractive terms of cooperation. The VEGAN logo is our other differentiator.

  • Jarosław Bańda adds.
    Hello Day! Smoothie is produced in aseptic processing technology, creating shelf-stable beverage, which does not need refrigeration, with a long 12-month shelf life. Its logistics does not require controlled temperature, which has a significant impact on cost optimization in the
    supply chain. In stores, smoothies can be exposed in two shopping areas: on shelves and in refrigerators, fully complementing the grocery offer and the “to go” category.

Additional information:
The criteria that Hello Day! Smoothie had to fulfill to be certified as VEGAN:

  • No ingredients of animal origin were used at any stage of production. This also applies to additives, excipients, and flavorings. The audits do not end with the list of ingredients, but even include substances that do not have to be declared on the package like biotechnological culture media or supporting substances.
  • All production stages must be carefully designed so that unintentional signs of non-vegan or non-vegetarian substances in the final product are kept to a minimum.
  • No animal tests have been and will be conducted for the resulting product, as well as for individual ingredients, excipients and other substances used for production, if they have been developed for the final product.

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