First Aquagrico Farms To Build Nigeria’s Largest Farmer’s Market

First Aquagrico Farms To Build Nigeria's Largest Farmer's Market

First Aquagrico Farms is attempting to build Nigeria’s largest farmer’s market. Kolapo Joshua Talabi, the firm’s managing director, revealed the plans and stated that this will be accomplished through collaboration with the Bank of Agriculture.

The company intends to establish an all-in-one agricultural market-hub that will collect, re-distribute, store, process, and export agro-products. As a result, large-scale commercial agriculture in Africa will be boosted. According to Mr. Talabi, the market would promote agricultural value chain operations and capacity development in order to encourage agricultural growth in Nigeria.

First Aquagrico Farms is an integrated agrobusiness company that focuses on galvanizing agriculture as a tool for national economic development by creating and synchronizing markets for farmers both locally and internationally, and it has remained a key sector player for large scale agricultural produce merchandise.

Aquagrico Farms is a leading agro-tech company that can adapt to the changing conditions of each season by combining centuries-old African husbandry practices with new technological innovations that ensure the safety and satisfaction of our growing clientele.

After 100 years of existence, First Aquagrico Farms was incorporated in 2016. It has remained the king of innovative agriculture.

First Aquagrico Farms is a family-owned business that spans 35 acres in the fertile Ondo highlands. Their company is based on our family’s agricultural entrepreneurship, which dates back to the early 1920s, and we believe that traditions should be passed down to the next generation. Their company works with local residents, involving them in provincial agricultural operations by providing job opportunities during the projects.


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