NGX Investor Pump Fresh Funds Into Ellah Lakes

SEC Warns Nigerians Against Investing In FinAfrica, Poyoyo

Ellah Lakes Plc, an agribusiness company, disclosed that it has informed the Securities and Exchange Commission about an investment made by one of the company’s principal investors.

In a report that was submitted to the Nigerian Exchange Limited, the business stated that it raised more funds as part of its fundraising efforts.

The Ellah Lakes shareholders approved the intention to raise around N5 billion in capital through private placement or other stock issue earlier in the year.

The firm explained, “Following the meeting of the Board of Directors of Ellah Lakes, which was held on 27 March 2024, the company has commenced the process of raising funds via private placement and has notified the Securities and Exchange Commission of an investment by a core investor. This transaction is subject to obtaining all relevant regulatory consents and is expected to be concluded by the end of April 2024.”

The company had yet to disclose the identity of the core investor.

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According to its consolidated unaudited financial statements for the six months ended January 2024, the following entities held five per cent and above of the issued share capital of the company as of January 31, 2023; CBO Capital Partners Limited 548,587,328 (19.92 per cent); MBC Securities Ltd Nominee MBCA MGT 383,738,196 13.93 per cent; Enotie Ogbebor 357,537,790 (12.98 per cent); Blackman & Co. Limited 338,153,398 (12.28 per cent) and Lake-Oko Farm Limited 188,000,000 (6.83 per cent).

It also suffered a N618.18m loss in the first half of 2023/2024, worse than N519.8m loss recorded in the corresponding period of the prior year.

Ellah Lakes, which has its operational base in Benin City, Edo State, revealed that it recently acquired 80 per cent of the value of ELP Sunshine Limited with the remaining 20 per cent held by the Ondo State Government.

The shares of the company closed trading at N3.61 per unit on Monday.

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