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FG Targets Construction, Repairs of 6,000kilometers of Roads by 2019

The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, has said approval for the N433 billion proposed in the 2016 budget, which is currently before the National Assembly will ensure that the federal government is able to construct and complete about 6,000 kilometres of roads before 2019,

Fashola, who defended his ministry’s budget before the House of Representatives Joint Committee on Power, Works and Housing yesterday, Fashola said embarking on massive construction of roads is intended to drive the country’s economy.

He provided the plan for the construction: 31 projects resulting in 2,902kilometres of roads in the first year, 55 projects resulting in 2,663 kilometres of roads in the second year and 49 projects resulting in 2,059 kilometres of roads in the third year.

Construction of the roads are prioritized for roads of economic importance, roads with heavy traffic, and uncompleted roads, he said, adding that over 200 road projects across the country are yet to be completed.

He also noted that of the N433 billion proposed, N268 billion is proposed for power while N99 billion and N66 billion would be expended on works and housing respectively.



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