DollarStore Announces Partnership With Oduwacoin

DollarStore Announces Partnership With Oduwacoin

DollarStore, one of the largest discount retail chains in the United States, US, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Oduwacoin, the first pan-African cryptocurrency.

In a statement cited by BizWatch Nigeria, Rex Mehta, the President of DollarStore Inc., who disclosed the partnership, said it will give leverage to Oduwacoin holders, especially as it relates to empowerment.

Mehta explained that as part of the partnership, Oduwacoin holders can join the Dollar Store Franchise Club with $500 worth of the crypto instead of the required $4,995.

”This move represents a major step forward for the adoption of cryptocurrencies in mainstream commerce. Our partnership with Oduwacoin is a game-changer for the entire industry. It is not just by providing an accessible and easy-to-use payment option for customers, Oduwacoin is also a form of empowerment, helping entrepreneurs and e-Commerce operators to bridge the gap between traditional retail and the digital economy,” he added.

On his part, Bright Enabulele, the founder of Oduwacoin, said this partnership is a significant step in using the digital currency as not only a payments method, but as a form of empowerment.

His words, ”I believe in the power of Oduwacoin to transform the way we do business, and at Oduwa Blockchain Solutions, we are dedicated to creating a more accessible and equitable financial system for all. This partnership with Dollarstore is a significant step in that direction.

”Dollarstore is a leader in the retail industry, and we are proud to work with them to bring their benefits to Oduwacoin holders, such that they can own their franchise store at a significantly discount fee.”

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