Best Cars To Purchase In Nigeria For N2Million Or Less

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Many people would want to become car owners, but they are discouraged from doing so because of the amount of money a brand new car costs.

Did you know that with five hundred thousand to about two Million you can get a car in this Nigeria? Such an amount of money may be cheap and affordable to some, and to some others, it can still be a luxury amount.

People do not know that they can become car owners without breaking the bank. So, if you want a good car, but you cannot afford to spend millions of naira in doing such, I present to you the best affordable cars in Nigeria. Choose from any of the cars listed below.

Toyota Corolla 2007

2007 Toyota Corolla in Nigeria, this car is known as the Uber Corrolla, in the real sense of things this care is supposed to be worth more than its price, but its the high demand for the car that created the price reduction.
The Toyota Corolla is affordable on all levels, easy to maintain, fuel-efficiency, and also affordable. A foreign used Toyota 2007 Corolla car can be acquired in Nigeria for about N2,000,000 while a Nigerian Used Toyota Corolla 2005 model can be acquired for N850, 000.

HONDA CIVIC (2005-2007)

Honda is always tearing leg on the road Yes, a Honda car will only break down on the road when you don’t do the right thing sir/ma.

This Honda Civic is a steal car for 2 million Naira, What is good about buying the Honda Civic, you get to buy a cheaper and newer car because of its not frequent demand. The 2005-2007 Honda Civic is a great car to buy because it offers great features, a better style and overall look and an economical 4 cylinder engine.

Have you seen how sporty this car can look?. If you use the change you get from buying it to pimp it up a little bit, you get a beautiful Honda Civic. You can even get the two door version for the same price.
The Honda Civic also has that digital speed gauge that makes you get the feel of being advanced from the level of all other cars.

Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle Yes! This is the car that can be gotten for less than N1,ooo,ooo. This Car is very fuel efficient and Durable, Its spare parts are the easiest to find around because of its longetivity.
The Volkswagen Beetle has been in Nigeria for many years and it is known for its compactness, which makes it easy to manouver traffic and very tight spaces. Although its producer announced that the car would stop being produced, it is still one of the cheapest cars in Nigeria that can be bought with little money.

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord Aka The Evil Spirit is also another car very popular on Nigerian roads. It is also very affordable, durable, and fuel-efficient, its one of the cars with the best looking design. It is widely used and sold in Nigeria. A Honda Accord car can be bought into Nigeria for nothing less than N2 million

Lexus RX 300

If you want a jeep car that looks like luxury without breaking the bank, then the Lexus RX 300 should be a top choice. It is not only affordable but also durable, efficient, and reliable. This car can be bought as a used version for N1.5 million. This is one of the only jeep cars i will reccomned to buy in this list


Toyota-yaris-2006-model, The Toyota Yaris is a car that is slightly smaller than the Corolla but it looks way better than the Corolla when it comes to body lines and just overall exterior appearance. It is also very fuel effeicient, affordable and durable as well.

This car is golden because nobody talks about it, It is a legend. This car is quite a steal for about N1,200,000. Guess what? the Toyota Yaris is even cheaper than the Corolla which is why you should buy it. Based on driving dynamics, the Yaris is very similar to the Corolla.

Mercedes Benz W204

The W204 is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class produced between 2007 and 2014 and it remains the most popular and most bought C-Class in Nigeria to date. The price of the Benz w204 has been steady ever since because every young chap out there wants this car.

The Benz is the starter pack for a Nigerian big boy. Everyone wants to be spotted behind the steering for recognition sake. This car is also one of the most reliable Mercedes-Benz car ever made.

The problems of the Benz W204 in Nigeria can easily be fixed in Nigeria and this makes the car a good buy in Nigeria. Because of the dynamic structure of this car, you can upgrade it by giving it a face lift to look current.
You can purchase the used version of this car in Nigerian for about N2,000,000

Acura TSX 2006

This Car was built to compete with the likes of BMW and Merceded Benz of the same year class.This saloon car gives the sporty feeling while your driving, It has an engine that loves to rev and sounds good doing it, sharp handling, slick six-speed manual transmission, upscale interior look and feel, long standard equipment list, top-of-the-line navigation system.

The TSX’s 2.4-liter four delivers all the sophistication you’d expect from an Acura car, the Acura TSX offers a beautifully furnished interior that looks and feels more upscale than you would expect.

The Toyota Matrix

The Toyota Matrix is actually a Toyota Corolla Matrix, bet you didn’t know that. The Matrix is a functional Corolla because it has a hatchback design which makes it have 5 doors and a big space offering in the trunk. The rear door of a Toyota Matrix just screams space

You can also collapse all seats except the driver’s seat to create so much space in the Toyota Matrix for Cargo. The Toyota Matrix is a more functional car than the Corolla

The Toyota Matrix is one of the Best Cars for Small Business Owners in Nigeria that need to move their goods and properties from one place to another.

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