ABCHealth Welcomes TGI Group Into Health Coalition

TGI Supports 49th MAN AGM, 50th Anniversary

The Tropical General Investment Group (TGI Group) has become a member of the African Business Coalition for Health. This was announced in a joint press release by both organisations on Monday May 15,2023, 2023 in Lagos, Nigeria.

TGI Group is an international organisation operating in several continents including Africa, Middle East and Asia, owning over a hundred leading brands in a number of emerging markets in key sectors including fast moving consumer goods, agricultural inputs, industrial chemicals, homecare products and pharmaceuticals.

The organisation is a responsible business fully focused on supporting global action on the Sustainable Development Goals. Speaking on TGI Group’s membership into the Coalition, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Chairman and President, Dangote Industries Limited and Co-Founder of ABCHealth, said that the task to make Africa and Africans healthier rests on everyone. We all have a role to play and for those with
resources, mobilizing such resources and making sustainable impact should be a priority in health; ‘There is a vital relationship between health, economic growth and development in Africa.

Healthy populations live longer and are more productive – therefore, improving access to quality health services is an important aspect of development. As a Coalition, ABCHealth is working to make this happen and we are happy that TGI Group has joined our ranks to make
our dreams of a healthy Africa a reality.’
Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede, Co-Founder and Chairman of ABCHealth stated that TGI Group’s entry into the Coalition is a clear indication that the coalition that ABCHealth is building across the continent enables responsible business leaders and philanthropists to have a platform that
helps them make sustainable, large scale investments in health that transform African economies and people. He said; “We are confident of the impact this Coalition will bring to bear on the continent.

It is our firm belief that with governments and businesses working together, combining political will with business knowledge, Africa’s health sector can be built to the point where it will deliver affordable health to Africans in an equitable manner.”
Group Managing Director of TGI Group, Rahul Savara, in his remarks on the membership stated that the Group has always been a champion of strategic alignments to solve problems, especially in issues bordering existentiality and sustainability. “We are delighted to be joining a
strong team of people and businesses who have done a lot for health in Africa in their individual capacities, but also recognize that more can be done as a collective.

We are strong believers in creating local, Africa-centric solutions to African problems. For us to achieve the Africa of our dreams where there is prosperity and growth across board, beaming the spotlight on healthcare is non-negotiable. Businesses have a responsibility to society and philanthropists abound, therefore, a collaboration across the continent is a welcome development”, he said.
Mories Atoki, CEO of ABCHealth said; ‘Africa’s healthcare systems demand significant investments to meet the needs of their growing populations, changing patterns of diseases and the internationally-agreed development goals. Thankfully, critical stakeholders in both the private and public sectors across Africa are showing increasing interest in terms of enhancing health outcomes and improving livelihoods. TGI Group joining the Coalition is a deepening oftheir commitment to improving health outcomes and also a strong indicator that businesses
understand their roles are partners for development. We use this opportunity to call on more businesses to join our Coalition and to be part of the move to ensuring quality health and healthcare for all Africans.’

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