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Youths Dominate Cryptocurrency In Nigeria

Nigeria ranks top for Cryptocurrency use and ownership

Globally, cryptocurrency ownership is dominated by the young, with an average of 56.1% of owners aged 18 to 34. And Nigeria is no different.

In Nigeria, those aged 18-34 dominate crypto ownership at 71.3%, while at 14.8%, 35-54-year-olds are the next most likely group to say they own crypto. Those aged 55+ come in last with 13.9%.

Men in Nigeria most likely to own crypto

Finder’s report showed that Nigeria men are more likely to own cryptocurrency. Roughly 24.7% of men in Nigeria say they hold crypto compared to 17.7% of women. Of those in Nigeria who own crypto, 58% are men and 42% are women – meaning that men are roughly 1.4 times as likely to own crypto than women. Nigeria has the 12th-lowest male-dominated crypto market of the countries surveyed. Globally, men are on average 1.5 times more likely to hold crypto than women.

Crypto sentiment in Nigeria

In November 2021, Finder asked Internet users in 23 countries whether they’d heard of cryptocurrencies and thought crypto was a good investment. The survey found Nigeria ranks 1st out of 23 countries in regard to the positivity around cryptocurrency, with 81% of respondents saying they think cryptocurrency is a good investment. This is higher than the global average of 43%.

Nigeria ranks in the top half when it comes to the general awareness of cryptocurrency as a means of investment, with 73% of Internet users in Nigeria saying they’ve heard of cryptocurrency. This places Nigeria at 2nd among 23 countries in terms of crypto awareness.


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