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Top 7 Healthy Foods Rich In Fibre

Top 7 Healthy Nigerian Foods Rich In Fibre

Fibre is a type of carbohydrate in food. Fibre helps with digestion and prevents constipation.

These foods should be included in our daily diets, and this will help our bowel movements.

In Nigeria, we have a lot of foods that are high in fibre. They are affordable and found easily around us.

Here is a list of Nigerian foods that are rich in fibre.


Corn is rich in fibre, either roasted or cooked. The good news is that we are in the corn season, so you can easily buy fresh corn.

With corn you can make; cooked/ roasted corn, pap, beans and corn, corn soup, zucchini, sweet corn, corn pottage and corn fufu (Nni Oka).


However, you decide to eat cassava, whatever form; know that you can not go wrong with cassava. Garri, fufu and Abacha are great ways to consume cassava.

From cassava you can make; garri, fufu, amala, starch, abacha, cassava bread, cassava chips and tapioca.

Garden egg

Garden eggs are tasty and affordable.

A perfect way to consume garden egg is garden egg sauce.


Do you remember the quote: one apple a day keeps the doctor away?” Well, this quote it is indeed true; the apple contains a lot of nutrients and helps aid your digestion.

With apple you can make, apple sauce, apple pie, apple smoothie, tarts and apple crumble.


This delicious meal comprises Vitamin B1; it helps replenish our energy and helps us fight chronic stress.

Foods from cocoyam; boiled cocoyam, cocoyam chips, cocoyam soup and cocoyam porridge.


Our favourite green leaf, which we use to prepare different types of soup, contains many nutrients.

It is high in iron (helpful for red blood cell production) and potassium.


This fruit needs no introduction; we see it everywhere and love it. Banana is very good for the health. Be sure to include it in your meal.

Meals from banana; banana bread, banana pie, muffins, pancakes, brownies, carrot cake, oatmeal, a smoothie bowl, and banana ice cream.


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