Tinubu Vows To Restore Public Trust In Health Sector

Let The Poor Breeef, Don't Suffocate Them

President Bola Tinubu has emphasized again that his administration will revitalize and restore public trust in Nigeria’s health system.

The President made the pledge in his office on Monday at a meeting with leaders of the Joint Health Sector Union, an offshoot of the Nigeria Labour Congress.

Tinubu emphasized the importance of the health sector and its experts as a commitment to humanity, promising to tackle all identified difficulties affecting the system in order for it to work optimally.

He advised the strikers to go back to work.

President Tinubu appealed to the union leaders “The health sector is one sector with a commitment to humanity. We will resolve all the problems. Trust must be enshrined in all discussions. I promise you we will accelerate this. We will resolve all the issues. Please go back to work.”

Acting Chairman, Dr. Obinna Ogbonna, pleaded with President Tinubu to pay attention to the healthcare delivery system in Nigeria through adequate investment in healthcare infrastructure and better welfare for workers in the sector in order to prevent brain drain.

“Mr. President, now that we have assurance from the top, we are encouraged to return to our members and discuss returning to work.”

Mr. Olumide Akintayo, a member of the Union’s Executive Council who accompanied the Acting Chairman to the meeting, encouraged the Federal Government to always respond to Labour concerns and nip them in the bud before they turn into full-fledged industrial crises.


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