SeamlessHR Expands To Other African Countries

SeamlessHR Expands To Other African Countries

In order to provide the continent with access to its cutting-edge services, SeamlessHR has announced its expansion into a number of African nations.

The growth was officially announced at the most recent Africa Day celebration, where the company’s presence in Rwanda, Tanzania, Botswana, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya was emphasized.

It claimed that choosing to enter those important African markets was consistent with its long-standing pledge to meet the individual needs of businesses on the continent.

It stated that the pan-African deployment improved its capacity to offer service locally and build trusting connections with customers in these nations.

“Through the lens of Africa Day, we are excited to highlight SeamlessHR’s pivotal role in driving digital transformation and innovation in African businesses,” said Deji Lana, SeamlessHR’s Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder.

In order to allow even more firms to overcome labor difficulties, open up growth opportunities, and ultimately boost productivity in Africa, we intend to increase our footprint in other African nations.

“Our goal was to build a pan-African service that cuts over boundaries, rules, and tax laws from the beginning.

“To improve overall business performance, we recognized the need for a unified solution that increases worker productivity. For this reason, we developed SeamlessHR as a SaaS to be flexible and applicable to organizations in different African countries”.

Lana highlighted that the organization continued to increase its reach and influence, and it remained steadfast in its goal to supporting African businesses through digital transformation.

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