HR Experts Aim To Boost Employee Productivity

At A Summit, HR Experts Aim To Boost Employee Productivity

Leading consulting firm Sages & Scribe will host a two-day summit on Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) with the goal of presenting creative ideas to improve staff productivity and performance.

The company said in a statement that the event would take place in Lagos on August 2-3, 2023.

It was said that the event’s goal was to address employee and individual psychosocial health outside of the scope of medical services and with the theme “Employee Wellness for Productivity and Performance.”

According to the statement, the EAP Summit seeks to examine workplace wellness, employee well-being, organizational performance, sustainability, worthwhile workplace perks, psychosocial risk assessment, and promote “Great Place to Work” and CSR in Nigeria.

Venerable Adelowo Adesina, managing consultant and chief executive officer of Sages & Scribes Consultants, stated: “Statistics have also showed that our nation Nigeria is among the lowest ranking in the pecking order in terms of human and industrial efficiency and performance.

The fact that Nigerian employees are worried, harassed, traumatized, and exhausted is evident. Imagine the experiences we all had during the currency exchange process. Consider the mental and emotional suffering the typical worker must have gone through. That should indicate to us as a country that we must start working to advance the health and wellbeing of our workers.

Adelowo went on to say that there would be ten general knowledge (interest) presentations presented at the next EAP Summit.

Additionally, he indicated that there would be professionally focused training on topics including stress management, work-life balance, addictions, substance misuse, and trauma management.

The announcement also stated that the Employee Assistance Professionals Association of South Africa, Employee Assistance Programme, Africa, Ghana, and the Nigerian Employers Consultative Association had all given their support to the EAP Summit.

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