Samsung Launches New Galaxy Note 9

Note 9

The Galaxy Note 9 has been out for over a month now, so it’s time for Samsung to get it back in the spotlight with the launch of some new colors. Though weirdly enough, they’re the most standard color options possible: silver and black.

At launch, the Note 9 was only available in blue and lavender in the US. That was a nice change of pace, since phones so often are only available in black and white. But it also meant that those standard, toned-down color options weren’t available. (The black version did launch in other countries.)

Now Samsung is rectifying that. The US will be the first country to get the Note 9 in “cloud silver,” starting October 5th through Best Buy and its own website. The “midnight black” model is supposed to launch later, on October 12th, though it already appears to be available on AT&T’s website.

Samsung likes to roll out new colors of its phones a few months after launch, presumably as a way to boost interest after they’ve been in stores for a little while. It’s not a bad strategy, but it usually does things in reverse — launches with tamer colors, then adds something more interesting later on. For the Galaxy S9, for instance, Samsung later brought a gold color to the US (and a striking burgundy launched elsewhere).


It looks like specs and pricing will remain the same, with 128GB models going for $1,000 and 512GB models selling for $1,250.

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