Nigeria Introduces Temporary Passport For Emergencies

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The federal government has, on Tuesday, launched the Nigerian Temporary Passport for one-way trips to Nigeria.

This new passport was launched by the Minister of Interior Rauf Aregbesola.

The new passport was designed for Nigerians abroad who choose to return to Nigeria urgently and do not have a passport.

The minister noted, in a tweet, that the passport “does not in any way serve as a replacement for the Nigerian passport”.

It is a four-page booklet that serves as a replacement for the “unstandardized Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC)”, the minister added.

Aregbesola noted that the passport has a 30-day validity period and that it is ICAO compliant.

The minister tweeted, “The NTP is a travel document designed for a one-way trip to Nigeria only.

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“The NTP 4-page booklet will now replace the unstandardized Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC).

“It is an electronic document that has all the features of a regular passport, just that it is temporary and valid for one trip and will be retrieved from the user at the entry point.

“The NTP does not in any way serve as a replacement for the Nigerian passport.

“NTP will be issued to Nigerians to return home in emergency situations in the case of loss or misplacement of their passport and it is valid for only 30 days after issuance or arrival in Nigeria, whichever comes first.”

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